Do You Ever Wish You Could Run Away?


Is it okay to want a break from my family? I just want to go to a resort and read a book and sip a fruity drink. No husband, no children, no brothers, no MIL, no phones, no one I know.



Why is it always my job to do everything?


Why do my children only ask me for something?

Can anyone else EVER put their dirty clothes in the hamper?

Will I ever get to go to take a bath or shower alone again?



Why am I the only one to EVER replace to toilet paper?


feeds the dog?
turns the light off when I leave a room?
balance the checkbook/pay bills?
wash the floor?
change the sheets (this includes washing, drying and folding dirty ones)?
wash the rugs (this includes drying and putting back)?
clean the stove?
put my shoes away?
clean the toilets?

This list is actually MUCH Loooonnnggger, but I don't have the mental energy today to think about it!

Okay, seriously, I love my children and my husband, but I just want a little break.



Anybody else out there feeling frazzled?



Why do I feel like I have much more work to do around my house whilst my husband is home?