Depth of Field

I actually like shooting photos with a Depth of Field in the background or foreground, especially with my kids. I happen to think one can get some particularly fantastic shots that way!

I am having a garage sale this weekend to unload all my "crap"! Over the past couple of weeks, I have slowly been adding item to our garage sale table in the 'garage'. I have scoured the basement, the crawl space, the children's rooms, the closets, under beds . . . everywhere. Mostly I wanted to clear out toys in my house. Literally my house is over ridden with toys! I seriously can not take it any longer! I keep adding items to the table and my little ones sneak out there and take their items back off the table.  Yesterday I spent the better part of the day hauling up every baby item I have saved (in the hopes that I would ever have another baby and yes, we have still been trying. I just have not been saying anything to anyone, it's too heartbreaking at this point).  Highchairs, cradles and carriers of all types, baby toys galore, crib, changing table. It is all going . . . or at least I hope so! I am hoping for a sunny day and all my stuff leaves my overly stuffed garage!

Here is my little one waiting ever so patiently for her turn to dance at the recital.(more on that later)