December 1st

. . . here it is past 1 am in the morning again and I am still up . . . I must stop doing this . . . we had a visitor arrive this new day . . . and I needed to ensure that everything was setup just perfectly for his arrival (and that everyone was soundly sleeping before he arrived . . . especially since I have little light sleepers in my house who all have these amazing radars that go off just when I am about to do something I don't want them to know about) . . .


. . . literally, minutes after I had put the ladder away and sat at my laptop to download this very photo . . . there was my son . . . standing right there beside me! Why does this always happen to me? I kept him from the living room, which is where Elfie has made his miraclous return and quickly shuffled him back to bed . . . but naturally, my bed and not his bed. {I have no idea where I will be sleeping in say, oh, a half an hour or so, but that is an entirely different dilemma.

I'm going to document and photography lovely Remus(the name my kiddos have given to Elfie) and post each day about his antics! I have lots in store for my kids this year.


I also set out the teeny, tiny pails that I purchased and filled with little tidbits for Advent this year. This will be in addition to the normal cardboard box full of chocolates my kidlets normally have each December. Now that my children are getting older, I think they are able to have a lot of fun with the holiday season. I truly can't wait! I have more in store for them these next few weeks!


**please forgive the darkness of these photos . . . all were taken at 1AM!