Back in December I wrote a post about my love of good paper and that I justify my many paper purchases with my scrap booking hobby. However, I have not been scrap booking too much lately. Every single time I get out my goodies, my children want to help. I have this system to scrapbook and it simply does not include my children using all my

good stuff

. So basically, I just stopped scrapping. Sad, but true.

I recently won a paper bag scrap book and I loved it. It was so pretty and it looked so easy to do.

I thought to myself, I can do this.

And I have been.

I made three little books in the past week and my brain is exploding with ideas for more.

I also made a little jar for a spool of ribbon. This was so easy to do. Literally it took me 5 minutes.Creativity ~ I can't help myself.

If I couldn’t create I don't think I could laugh!

I hope you pursue your own creativity while you stop to think about how funny things are.