Christmas Countdown with Style

I am thankful for this season . . . Thanksgiving is over {already} and I blinked and I swear I didn't even get to more than one slice of my delicious turkey . . .

It is way too busy this coming month and I have many sleepless nights coming up {more than normal} . . . the days breeze by me and I can't believe how fast December just seems to float by. Nonetheless, I am thankful.

I count my blessings . . . every day . . . every hour . . . every minute . . .

Right now I could really do without some much fuss and frenzy . . . the holidays bring about the silly season . . . cookie exchanges . . . gift exchanges . . . holiday parties . . . family gatherings . . . food . . . baking . . . advent . . . santa . . . etc

Time passes me by too fast the last month of the year. This time of the year I forget to see what is passing my by. These days, these fleeting days, these full days, hold so much for me that I need to stop and remember to look.

Today I need to remember to grab the little snippets of time that I can and enjoy what I see.

This is what I see today . . .


Cups For All My Children's Teachers


The Cover Of My December Daily Journal


Do you Journal Your December?


Advent Bags


More Advent Surprises