When I saw the assignment for this week:



Naturally the first images that popped into my head were of food!

How could they not be?

Now, what could I capture a photo


that means


to me?

I wanted to take my camera into Whole Foods but I didn't know if they would kick me out or not!

I don't know about you, but anything that is sweet that crosses my lips is quite pleasurable!

The other thoughts that crossed my mind in regards to SWEET were:

SWEET Sixteen (my kids are way too young)

Home SWEET Home


and SWEET strawberries

and a SWEET dessert (it was sooooooo good)

and SWEET tomatoes (with loads of salt)

and SWEET corn ( a very midwestern thing)

oh, yes, and this SWEET face!

{You so knew I would have a capture of one of my children!}

And I will leave you with this Sweet Escape since I hear it no less than 10 times a week!