Capture: Letters



Letters is this weeks assignment and of course it rained for three days straight and I couldn't get outside to explore the world around me and discover some, well, "letters". So naturally, I had to scour my home again this week for something fitting to the assignment.

How could I interpret this assignment . . . it could go a number of ways . . . the first thing I actually thought of was taking a photo of this letter that I pilfered from my mother's belongings after my father died. It is a postcard that my father wrote to my mother when they were dating. It is one of the few things that I have that remind me directly of my father. But, that piece of my history is so precious to me I am just not willing to share it.

Instead here are the LETTERS that I found around my house.

"letters" in my mailbox

the "letter" S above my front door

magnetic fridge "letters" that I clean up everyday from my floor