Barbie Dreamhouse

When I was a young girl, my favorite toy to play with was Barbie. I had a wonderful old hatbox of dolls filled with new and old Barbie's passed down from my aunt with clothes and shoes and accessories. I had the Barbie's Car and Country Camper, Barbie's Dream House and Barbie's Friendship Airplane. I am a child of the 70's. I can't believe I left my house and went off to college and didn't give my mother specific orders to not touch my Barbie's. As soon as I was gone, she gave them all away! I recall being quite upset with her, but she told me I was off at college and didn't play with them anymore. What I wouldn't give to have all my Barbie's now! My own daughters would LOVE them.

Barbie Dreamhouse

This is why I was so excited to participate in a campaign with Barbie and receive a Barbie Dreamhouse for my girls. I have such fond memories of Barbie and all the wonderful playdates I had creating our own little world filled with fun and Barbie.

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The new Barbie Dreamhouse is absolutely stunning! It brings back such wonderful memories of my own Dreamhouse that was filled with a plaid couch and a huge tv console.

My daughter was so excited to receive Barbie's new Malibu Dreamhouse and helped her dad every step of the way in assembling it. Actaully, all three of my kids joined the assembly fun. It was not difficult to assemble, but it does take at least an hour. As you can see, Barbie does live in a mansion now (according to my daughters).

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My daughter's NEW Barbie Dreamhouse is filled with fantastic home items. A canopy bed that is dreamy, a pink sofa that I would have in my house, a walk in closet that can be filled with all our Barbie shoes AND a beautiful pink kitchen that enable Barbie bake as many pink cupcakes she wants.

I can't even begin to tell you how many scenes my daughters have played out in the new Barbie Dreamhouse, their imagination astounds me!

Barbie Dreamhouse
Barbie Dreamhouse
Barbie Dreamhouse
Barbie Dreamhouse

I explained to my girls that Barbie is moving to Malibu and this is her new house. I asked them if they would want to live in a house like this and the joy that spread on their faces told me the answer.  Barbie's newly renovated Dreamhouse is three-stories, has 6 rooms, two elevators, and unmatched “ocean views” of the Malibu coastline. And of course The new Dreamhouse features a few luxe details – like pink stainless steel kitchen appliances and a walk-in closet with its own elevator. Who doesn't want an elevator in their house!

This is a great toy to add to your holiday shopping lists now! The Barbie Dreamhouse has sparked hours of play in our house and will do the same in yours!

You can find the Barbie 2013 Dreamhouse at Walmart and retail stores nationwide. MSRP = $184.99

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by One2One Network and I received monetary compensation and product to help promote the #BarbieIsMoving campaign. My opinions are are my own. Images provided by One2One and used with permission