I wasn't even sure I would be able to participate this week. I had grand ideas of getting loads of balloons and going outside with the children this week . . . but alas, that never happened. How is it that the older my children are, the more snowed under I am? Having this horrible chest cold at the moment does not help my already diminished stamina (age dear people - I swear once I turned 41, my legs turned into rubber).

Can you crack a rib from coughing, because I think I have. I thought last night, oh yeah, I get to sleep one more hour (usually day light savings time kicks my behind). I was so excited that I even went to bed early! Naturally, I laid there listening to my husband snore and was awake when each child crawled their way into my bed. You would think all my coughing would drive someone out . . . it did not. Sigh. I am tired and my list of "things to do" is not getting any shorter.

Anyway, I really thought I would have to go searching through the Tiaras achieve folders for a balloon photo . . . of which I am quite sure I have none. I went to put the vacuum away (as one does on a Sunday evening) and low and behold, what do I find at the bottom of the closet? A lonely balloon left over from a recent trip to a local restaurant! My daughter immediately walks in the door and puts her balloons in this closet each and every time she gets one. We have vaulted ceilings and she has lost many balloons up there.

I smiled at the sight of this forgotten balloon and thought what a lucky evening for me. I asked my little one if she wanted to hold the balloon for me so momma could take some photos. She proceeded to stand up on the counter(hubbie was right there, no worries) and get the balloon to "float" since it had lost its ability to ride along above her. She was having so much fun, laughing at her attempts to get this sad, helium-less balloon, to take flight.

Please don't mind her messy face, she was eating a chocolate chip covered caramel apple when I interrupted her to pose for me. Couldn't be a more perfect ending to a weekend.