Autumn School Snack with Pepperidge Farm

Now that autumn is in full swing, don't let the days fly by, remember to relish all that November has to offer.  Make sure you fully enjoy each day's crisp autumn air and gorgeous falling leaves. Though Black Friday shopping won't be until the end of the month, I can't wait to show you a perfect platter to prepare for all your family, friends and guests whilst in preparation for Thanksgiving! Coming tomorrow.

pepperidgeFarm_Cookies (2 of 1).jpg

Bringing treats for school holiday gathering and parent/teacher conferences will be a breeze this with Pepperidge Farm sweet cookies. These are convenient snacks for busy moms like myself. Pepperidge Farm Milano Pumpkin Spice cookies  are sweet cookies and ready to serve. Pepperidge Farm Cookies make it easy to say hello to teachers or parent committees. Wrap of a few of your seasonal favorites – no baking required –  in colorful cellophane bags that match your school’s colors for an instant spin on the classic cookie basket. I LOVE this idea! You could also use the most delicious Dessert Shop Pumpkin Cheesecake cookies for a holiday class treat!

What are your favorite Pepperidge Farm snacks to bring to school?