Anne of Green Gables Raspberry Cordial

An old-fashioned Raspberry Cordial is simple to make and a delicious addition to any drink. Learn to make a traditional Raspberry Cordial just like the one from the Anne of Green Gables book series.

Anne of Green Gables Raspberry Cordial

Canadian author L.M. Montgomery first debuted a flame-haired protagonist in 1908 in a book titled Anne of Green Gables. This book is about a red-headed, orphaned girl who lives in an Edwardian era in Canada named, Anne Shirley.

I always felt a strong connection to Anne with and "e" when I was a young tween because 1) I am a red-head and 2) I am strong-willed, confident and super sensitive and 3) my middle name is Anne - spelled with a "e". I feel things deeply, care deeply and am super passionate about these as well. Even though I am not an orphan, I have felt a deep connection to this book.

Anne of Green Gables Raspberry Cordial

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I have always wanted to visit Price Edward Island and take in Cavendish, and visit Green Gables to explore the farmyard and site that inspired the story of red-headed Anne. I "think" we may actually plan this trip this summer as a family vacation if my husband can work this into his schedule.

I was thrilled to hear Netflix was producing an original series and much loved book from my youth titled "Anne with an E".  I wanted to introduce Anne to my daughters and was super excited to watch "Anne With An E" with my girls.

Episode One covers the first 10 chapters of the book and the Netflix series retains most of Anne’s eccentricities. Her powerful imagination and impenetrable fantasy created world, as well as her love of a sophisticated diction are all there. If you have never read Anne of Green Gables, the basic premise of the book is, Anne is an orphan, adopted by a shy, quiet and a spinster sister; she moves to Green Gables and then immerses herself in the community and basically everyone falls in love with her imagination and energy.

Anne of Green Gables Raspberry Cordial

I always wanted to drink Raspberry Cordials, like Anne did in Anne of Green Gables, so I thought I would make some for my daughters and I whilst we watched Anne With An E.

Anne With An E

Homemade Raspberry Cordial Syrup:
A Versatile Recipe for Beverages, Cocktails and Desserts


  • 18 ounces fresh raspberry

  • 1 cup raw sugar

  • 1 cup water

  • 1-2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

  • 2-3 tbsp fresh lemon juice


Simmer raspberries, raw sugar, water, vinegar and lemon juice in a pan on medium heat (approximately 10 minutes), until the fruit is completely broken down. Turn heat off and let sit in pot until cool. (you want the water/sugar mixture to really absorb the flavor of the fresh raspberries). Stain the mixture through a sieve to get all the leftover pulp and seeds out of the liquid. Pour into a jar and seal tightly. Store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. **This recipe could be double or halved - whatever amount you may need.**

How to make a Raspberry Cordial

Cordials are super easy to make, I literally just gave you the steps . . .  cordials are simply a mix of any fruit of your choice, sugar, , as well as an acidic to keep it from spoiling within a day or two to enjoy. These homemade syrups are super simple to make and you can use whatever fresh fruit is in season.

Anne of Green Gables Raspberry Cordial

To make a drink, simply add a bit of the Raspberry Cordial to your drink choice -- hot tea, iced tea, lemonade, soda water, mineral water, water OR this is even great in summer cocktail & mocktail drinks. Then simply dilute the Raspberry Cordial with your drink of choice. My favorite is to add Raspberry Cordial into my Dr Pepper! It is so delicious!

Anne of Green Gables Raspberry Cordial

This Raspberry Cordial tastes fantastic on top of all your favorite desserts like ice cream, or yogurt. It is really good on all your favorite breakfast dishes like oatmeal, yogurt, french toast, pancakes and waffles. Ad it is basically unheard of not to put this on all cakes, cheesecakes, summer fruit tarts, donuts -- really anything you would like to drizzle it over that needs some extra sweet raspberry flavoring! It is supremely delicious on top of fresh raspberries! Like zonkers good!

Anne of Green Gables Raspberry Cordial

This recipe is for all the Anne of Green Gables Raspberry Cordial lovers in your life, whip up a batch of Homemade Raspberry Cordial Syrup today a plop down and stream Anne With An E on Netflix.  All seven episodes of “Anne With an E” are available for streaming on Netflix now.

Anne of Green Gables Raspberry Cordial

What's your favorite cordial combo?

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