Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses

Using the brand-new Amazon Alexa Skill for easy and convenient reordering of contact lenses is great for teaching teenagers responsibility. The best way to order contact lenses online with prescription or reorder contact lenses from is with voice shopping!

Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses #Amazon #AlexaSkills #Alexa #DiscountContactLenses
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It’s a new year, it’s a new day, and we are all feeling great over here. December was very low key for us and Christmas break was a much needed break for all of us. Now that it is a new year, there will be new to-do’s and new goals to achieve.

What are some of your New Year’s resolutions?

I don’t normally make resolutions, but rather try to make conscious decisions about life in general. However, one of my goals for 2019 is to continue to guide my children to do “tasks” on their own. Instead of my children always coming to me when there is an issue, or a problem, I want them to be able to take care of these things” on their own.

Shifting responsibility to your child is a gradual process. I know my teenagers think that home responsibilities are for me, the mom, and not them. However, I am going to be shifting their mindset this new year. My teenagers need to take on some minor responsibilities and complete their own individual tasks. I really want to teach my teenagers how to manage circumstances that happen in their life.

For instance, ordering their own contact lenses. I have always just taken care of this for my teenage son. He leaves empty boxes on my laptop letting me know he is out of his daily contact lenses and I order new boxes for him through We have used for years now and we actually love them.

Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses #Amazon #Alexa #AlexaSkills #DiscountContactLenses is a website which carries a wide range of branded contact lenses, including Acuvue, Air Optix, Biofinity, Dailies, Biotrue, and Proclear. My son wears 1-Day Acuvue Moist Contact Lenses and these are perfect for active teenagers. Order contact lenses online with a prescription just got so much easier.

Instead of leaving an empty box as an indication my son needs new contacts, he will now be taking over the reordering his own contact lenses. I don’t think this is a huge undertaking for him at all. Obviously the most essential responsibility my son has is to study and get good grades. I’ve always told all my children that their job right now is to go to school and bring home the best grades. I’ve set them up for success because I’ve instilled in them great study habits and they deliver great results.

My children already have specific chores in our home which they only need gentle reminding to complete. But, I am ready for them to assume more responsibility for other tasks that I seamlessly perform for them. These tasks are ones they don’t notice, but are essential in their lives and keep our house running smoothly.

I have evaluated other additional responsibilities my teenagers can take on for their own personal growth as well as for the smoother functioning of our home. Because, quite frankly, there are too many tasks on my momma plate. I definitely do not want to block my children’s development!

Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses #Amazon #Alexa #AlexaSkills #DiscountContactLenses

Learn a New Alexa Skill

The next time my son needs to reorder contacts lenses from, all he will need is our Alexa. We have an Alexa device in the bathroom, so when my son notices he is running low on contact lenses, he can order the next set of lenses right at that moment. (Instead of tossing empty boxes on my laptop ☺)  

Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses #Amazon #Alexa #AlexaSkills #DiscountContactLenses
There is an official Amazon Alexa Skill that I have already set up for him. The set up process was super simply and very straightforward. Let me walk you through the simple process. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to download the Alexa app on your cell phone or tablet first. If you don’t already have an account on , you will need to set up a personal account on and have your prescription ready. I then simply stated to my Alexa-supported device: “open Discount Contacts.” I was then able to link my Alexa app on my cell phone to my Discount Contact account. This allows me to verbally ask Alexa to place a new contact lense orders. I have recorded to show how simply this new task will be for my son:
Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses #Amazon #Alexa #AlexaSkills #DiscountContactLenses

The best way to order contact lenses online with prescription OR reorder contacts from is with voice shopping!

Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses #Amazon #Alexa #AlexaSkills #DiscountContactLenses

To find out more, or to enable the Discount Contact Lenses Reorder Skill, click HERE . is an online optical retailer specializing in contact lenses. alleviates the struggle of shopping for contacts online so we (and more importantly, this super busy momma of three) can get back to the important stuff—living life. 

Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses #Amazon #Alexa #AlexaSkills #DiscountContactLenses Reorder Skill for Amazon Alexa

Using Reorder Skill for Amazon Alexa to reorder contacts in just three steps.

  1. Enable the Reorder Skill for Alexa through the Alexa Skills Store in your web browser or in the Amazon Alexa App.

  2. To reorder your last purchase say, “Alexa, reorder contacts with Discount Contacts.” Alexa will give you the option to create a four-digit pin for more secure ordering.

  3. Alexa will read back your last order; if it’s correct, tell Alexa “yes” to place your order.

Once the Customer Service Team at verifies the personal prescription, the charge will be placed on the credit card has on file. Any required updates will be communicated by phone or email.

Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses #Amazon #Alexa #AlexaSkills #DiscountContactLenses

The first order must be placed on the website or with the Customer Service Team. After the first order, all contact lenses reordering can be completed using the Alexa. Only the most recent order on the account can be reordered using Alexa. 

Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses #Amazon #Alexa #AlexaSkills #DiscountContactLenses

How do you use your Alexa?

What is your favorite Skill?

Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses #Amazon #AlexaSkills #Alexa #DiscountContactLenses
Amazon Alexa Skill Ordering Contacts Lenses #Amazon #AlexaSkills #Alexa #DiscountContactLenses