Air Storm Zing Toys {Review}

This spring, Zing® Toys is on a mission to get kids off the couch (or smartphone) and outside with the new line of Air Strom products - promoting healthy lifestyles for those seeking the ultimate experience in play-value excitement! 


As soon as kids unleash Zing’s new Air Storm line, they’ll have foam ammo flying in more ways than they can imagine! Hit top heights with Pop Rocketz or nail the bull’s-eye with the Z-X Crossbow. These Zing products pack a major punch in a stealth size. Take your pick--the Air Storm arsenal is loads of fun with several ways to play.

Air Storm Zing Toys

Air Storm Zing Toys

The Z-X CrossBow will stick it to ya’. The Power Swing technology enables the bow arms to pop open for action and send super-soft suction cup Zartz flying. Lock ‘n’ load the soft foam ammo for anytime-action. Pull the trigger to hit and stick targets from over 45 feet! Built-in ammo clips keep extra Zartz ready to fire at a moment’s notice. ($19.99, 8+)

Take aim with the Zip-Bak Bow, a long range bow that sends foam arrows flying over 95 feet! This compact shooter transforms for firing with Power Swing technology--check the tech! Ready, aim, fire as the bow arms pop open for extra action and added punch. Soft foam Z-Arrows fly right on target and feature bounce-back action--catch them on the fly! ($14.99, 8+)

The Z-Curve Bow is the ultimate in long-range foam archery, blasting targets from over 125 feet! Choose your ammo--the Z-Curve Bow fires far-flying foam Z-Arrows and stick-anywhere suction cup Zartz. Hook in your ammo, line up the shot and let it fly! Includes Zip Clip ammo holder to keep your extra arrows at hand. ($19.99, 8+)

Prepare for take-off with the Air Storm Pop Rocketz! This pocket-sized, take-anywhere, air-powered rocket launcher blasts foam rockets that soar more than 50 feet! Real rocket launch action that’s safe for indoors and out. ($4.99, 5+)


My Thoughts: I knew my son would love the new Air Storm Zing Toys as soon as I opened the email to ask if I was interested in reviewing Zing Toys. I had to say yes. I can say that my son has not put the Zing Toys down since they have arrived in our house! He loves them (I knew he would). He and my husband are have Zing wars outside and let me tell you, my 10 year old son is whipping old daddy in shape! I would like to say the Zing Toys are not just for boys. I have two young ladies who simply adore pulling bows back and letting Z arrows fly as much as any young boy does. My 8 year old and my 5 year old are just as capable of pulling the bow back as well. We may have to help the little one every once and awhile, but she does a great job at lining her target up and letting a great Z arrow fly. The favorite I would have to say is the Air Storm Pop Rocketz. Each of my children want this toy equally as much as the other. This is the greatest little toy to surprise your opponent with(or brother).


The new line of Air Storm will be available at mass retail outlets including Target, Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us in Spring 2012.

Disclosure: Thanks to Zing Toys for sending samples to facilitate this review. My opinions are my own.