Do You Play Online Bingo?

I used to go play Bingo with my grandmother every Sunday evening. I loved the excitement, people yelling things out based on what number was called, good luck symbols, I just loved the excitement! My grandmother made her rounds to all the local churches in our area. She had her routine, what days were the best to play in this little town, where the best seats where in this hall, who had the best popcorn  and more.

I wasn't allowed to sit in the chair next to her on either side because I might touch one of her cards. But I didn't mind at all. I loved just watching her in her element ticking off all her little squares and calling out BINGO. Because she did call out and win quite often. She loved to play Bingo.

I know if she were still alive today she would be playing Bingo online for sure. She wouldn't have to drive all over rural Iowa to locate the best game of Bingo. She could simply log on to Peach Casino and pick her game of choice.

As in traditional bingo, players start with a card that contains 25 squares, a 5 x 5 array with “free” center square. Just like regular bingo, you have to complete a vertical, diagonal or horizontal row across your card. The pattern may vary, depending on the specific rules of the game.

Peach Casino brings a contemporary twist to the ever-popular, age-old game of chance. But be warned: this is not your grandma’s bingo.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. My opinions are my own.