I'm Heading out to NYC . . .

Last year about this time,  I wrote a post, Comfortable In My Skin, prior to heading to Blogher. I went to Blogher09 with high hopes and expectations. I went with good intentions and no game plan. The 'thing' I didn't know prior to attending a Blogher conference is how overwhelming the experience would be. I expected to just "see" all the wonderful bloggers that I wanted to meet in real life . . . . and sadly, that just did not happen. I saw a few "Big" bloggers and really wanted to walk up and introduce myself . . . but I didn't. I was apprehensive and I should not have been. I left Blogher09 disilllusioned and almost stopped blogging completely afterwards.

This year, prior to heading to Blogher10 . . . I reread my Comfortable In My Skin post and I realized something.  I am the same women . . . quiet, reserved . . . but the same. Here is a bit of what I wrote that still applies to me today:

True and lasting self-confidence grows naturally when you become comfortable in your own skin. That’s not to say that self worth is rooted only in your appearance. Being comfortable in your skin includes being satisfied with your body image, your personality, your skills and abilities, your past, and even your limitations.

At almost 42 years of age, I can say that I am a confident woman. While I don’t necessarily exude self-confidence in every situation and every moment, I am comfortable in my own skin. For me the remedy is celebrating who I am! Obviously I am not perfect, and neither is anyone else. But my frame fits my capacity. My personality suits my intentions. My skills and abilities are in order. In fact, my past paved the way for my future and my limitations allowed other people to assist in my life. Now that’s something to celebrate!

As I think about the Blogher Conference I will be attending tomorrow . . . I realize that I am comfortable in my skin and will walk into any room with confidence and a smile and an open heart and mind. I'll be the one with red hair wearing a T-shirt, jeans and flip-flops. Because that is what my skin is comfortable wearing.

Can't wait to meet everyone!

It's true, I can't wait to meet everyone . . . except this year . . . I got phone numbers! If I didn't get yours, send me an email now!! I'm rooming with this lovely gal who I can't wait to meet face to face.


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