What Are You Wearing?

Okay, I was really bad at taking photos at blogher. . . I had decided to leave my good camera at home because I didn't want to carry it around all day long and possibly break the lenses ('cause I sort of roll like that). I brought my old camera which I really do not like, so I didn't take photos. I either forgot or didn't ask. Terrible of me! Thursday night I did not get a photo of me in my fab dress. It was really cute. I bought it from H&M for $20!

This photo is for my son - who loves this scary dude. My shirt is from Anthropologie (totally on sale), whit etank underneath and my fav Holister jeans, my LV bag that was really heavy carrying around all day long!

This dress I love! It was bright and beautiful! (sorry for the craptastic photo) My kids picked it out - seriously! I took all three of my little ones to a couple of stores on a quest for dresses (since I don't own any nice ones). They picked this, it fit perfectly! I love it! I even told someone that I liked my bright dress better then theirs and they got their feathers all ruffled up and tweeted about how nice I was NOT! Too funny! This dress is from Carson's, believe it - 50% off! I wore these really cute lime green sandals from Target!

woot woot - just found this one ~that is totally not me - I am off on the side, half of me is showing - but this is what i was wearing (swiped from The Product Review Place swag line).

No photo of Saturday day outfit . . . I wore a white t-shirt with a pink ruffled tank (from Kohl's), super cute and fun with skinny jeans and Gap flats. This dress,a gain, my kids helped me pick (people they are always with me). I love this dress, I felt pretty sexy in it too! I actually even wore high heels throughout the entire night which was a fricking miracle because my feet were killing me by Saturday night! Dress from Carson's (not on sale)! Handbag ~ beloved Chloe! Pearls(real) on my neck!

This was Sunday morning . . . I was wiped out! My eyes were killing me . . . I was waiting in the lobby and snagged Jill (LOVELY LOVELY JILL) for a photo. Top from Forever21, Holister jeans again(I own like 6 pairs), my Tiffany necklace and the Gap flats!

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