Baby, it's hot outside!

I was worried that we would never see the sun this summer . . . last year in Chicago it was horrible, cold and dark most of the summer. Really, it has not been an issue this year! In fact, last night the newsman states Chicago has doubled the number of days with highs at 90 or above over last year. (can you say woot woot) The most wonderful news is . . . we have even more to come. The high today will reach the lower 90s(yesterday was a gorgeous 95) but the heat index may peak these days in triple digits.

As I was watching Big Brother last night, the pesky little news flash kept interrupting my show to let me know there is a heat advisory going on and basically to not leave my dog out too long. And the humidity, oh the humidity, is making me not take showers! Yes, people, I did not shower yesterday . . . what was the point, I knew as soon as I walked outside I would have sweat rolling down my back. Instead, I ran through the sprinkler with my kids. That totally counts, right? {Furthermore, what is up with deodorant? I'm having serious issues with deodorant lately. Frankly, I've decided to not use it. I smell worse using it than not. Stink it up, I say!}

OH, wait, it gets better . . . we have lovely heat and the amazing heat that is coming and the best news of all . . . storms later on today! Yippee! I know for a fact that all my neighbors who are having their roofs replaced this week are going to love it!(we had heavy hail storms a couple of months ago that ruined loads of roofs) High winds, hail, lightning and loads of rain later today or tonight. These storms better hold off until after my son's golf lessons is all I have to say (or pray). Hopefully the storms will kill some of this heat, but this is Chicago after all and I can safely say, it's going to be hot out, rain or no rain.

Here's to keeping my dog cool . . . she's been snoozing on the registers lately!