Do you lie to your spouse?

Do you lie to your spouse?

That's the question of the day??

My answer is quite simple . . . if he doesn't ask, I don't tell.
Is that really lying? Omissions?
For instance, is that a new shirt. This old thing, no I have had it ages.
I have had it ages, I just have never worn it. So, new, yes and no. A lie.
Yes and no??

Here is another . . . Did you chain the dog up? Yes, of course.
This I will admit is an out and out lie. I do not chain the dog up because I think it incredibly cruel and she hates it! Lie, absolutely YES, but harmless, right? (we have a fence, dog won't run away)

And yet further omissions . . . money . . . this is a big one. I do not lie about money to my husband. BUT, I do not tell him everything. BUT, all he has to do is look everything up. I do not hide paperwork or checkbooks or bank statements or bills from him. He just doesn't ever look at any of these things. I have tried to hand over all financials to him and he absolutly refuses to take on this task. So, if I screw it up, it's on him, right? (trust me, that's not going to happen, I used to be a Financial Analyst) If anything, most money is spent on food and food, and more food and I do spoil our children with just about all the toys on the shelves of Target or Walmart, well almost anyway (just kidding).

So, Do You Lie To Your Spouse?