Stink It Up

Secret Clinical Strength

I don't know if anyone else has this problem . . . after my third child was born, I developed an issue with sweating.

Never had any problems, before!

I never sweat, before.

I knew I had an issue. My shirts were wet, I was constantly changing shirts throughout the day. I was applying and reapplying deodorant all day long. Believe me, I have tried everything on the shelves. While at soccer on Friday night, I smelled me stinkin' up the field. That poor mother who sat next to me! And I had a clean shirt on and freshly washed pits and newly applied deodorant. Well I had had it with stinkin' it up! I went directly to Target after the game (after I took the girls home and put them to bed) and scoured the shelves to see what product I had not purchased yet.

I found Secret Clinical Strength. You apply it at night and no need to reapply in the morning. But I did anyway, because of my stinky issue! Low and behold ~ It's working. Granted it has only been three days. But, NO sweating and NO stinkin'!