Thursday Thirteen

13 Things I have NEVER

1) I have NEVER bought a lottery ticket (never will, complete waste of money in my eyes)

2) I have NEVER eaten sushi (bleck bleck & bleck – can’t do it)

3) I have NEVER bought a Starbucks coffee (I will NEVER pay $4.00 for a cup of coffee)

4) I have NEVER voted (shame on me, I know, but I won’t register because I don’t want to be called for jury duty)

5) I have NEVER seen one single episode of Sex & the City (don’t know, just never intrigued by the promos)
6) I have NEVER let my children go on a play date without me and I NEVER will (I’m highly paranoid like that, too many freaks out there posing as normal)
7) I have NEVER been fired from a job (I have quit every job I ever had)
8) I have NEVER tried any sort of illegal drug (nope, not once, not ever, never will)

9) I NEVER told my parents that I loved them and I NEVER heard it from them (this is something that is very strange to me because I can’t NOT tell my kids 500 times a day and I LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear these words that much as well)

10) I have NEVER spent over $100.00 for a pair of shoes. (I’m an odd one for a women and shoes. I have like 10 pairs of shoes, that is it. I’m not a shoe freak at all. I used to only ever wear Dr. Martin(this is the most expensive pair of shoes I ever bought, normally I'm around the $30 mark) shoes for years and years and years and now my standard is sneakers and flip-flops)

11) I have NEVER let my husband’s parents baby sit for our children (they are way too old, don’t listen, they don’t like me and talk nonsense about me behind my back. I never will let them either)

12) I haven’t had a speeding ticket since I was 19 years old (this should be a NEVER, I know, but I think a ticket as a teenager doesn’t count, right? And I couldn’t think of anything else that I have NEVER!)
13) I have NEVER stopped learning lessons (and I hope I can always say this)