What do you have in your purse?

I shouldn't carry juice and snacks in my purse, but I don't like diaper bags and I don't want to carry two bags . . .whatever . . . I wonder do all women have the same kind of things in our purse? Like lipstick, small mirror, the drivers license, of course...Or maybe moms on the go have more diapers and babies bottle in their purse?

What do you have in your purse? Are there any must haves or not?
The contents of my purse this morning are:

Diapers, wipes, antibacterial gel, chapstick(s), lotion, sunscreen, pen, child sunglasses, powder(s), wallet, coin bag, lipstick bag, girly things (not shown-just in case) phone and various hairclips (I put them in, daughters take them out). Missing are the two juice cups and one bottle of water, but since I am home, I don't need to carry those about right now. Also, usually shoving in some crackers or some fruit snack! Plus, KEYS, don't forget the keys - side pocket - zipped - ALWAYS zipped(I have the mommy brain you know)!

Oh, and I must add this, the size of the purse matters. To me at least. Because of all the baby and kid stuff that I still need to carry, I need a tote bag. A big tote bag. No small, dainty purse will do for me!