How is it Friday already?

Friday - today - today is Friday.

I don't know where the week has gone too!
And it is now midday Friday to boot!

Time has started to escape me and I don't know when it happened.
Well, actually right around the time I turned 40, I think!
Seriously, what happens to our brains now?

I think I've eaten too many cupcakes! Haa haa
Like these that I baked last night!
In all seriousness, I used to be quite proud of my time management skills and the fact that I could multitask better than anyone I knew. I was beyond efficient in the work force.
Now, I can barely handle getting a shower in each day (yes, I did shower this morning), get 3 children out the door and 2 off to school - ON TIME - with food in their bellies (this is most always done while in the car). All this while taking care of a baby, whom I still nurse and who just started to walk on her own not too long ago.

I did lose my brain somewhere along the path to mommyhood! I cannot even compare myself today to myself pre-babies. I'm not even the same person. You wouldn't have caught me without lipstick - EVER. Now, hahahaha, I'm lucky to get some mascara on my lashes(I'm fully made up toady-sans lipstick)!! Which I must add, I don't ever wear lipstick anymore. If I am wearing lipstick, it is a really special occasion. I stopped because I am constantly kissing my babies and I don't want lipstick all over them. If I do wear lipstick now, my children just keep poking my lips and ruining it, so what is the point. And frankly at this point, who's looking at me with 3 young children!! hahahahaha

I wish my brain would return, Perhaps next Friday??

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