Why am I the only one . . .

Why am I the Only one who:

* Feeds the dog
* Changes the toliet paper AND the paper towels
* Turns the light off when I leave a room
* Balances the checkbook/pay bills
* Vacuums
* Dusts
* Washes the floors
* Changes the sheets (this includes washing, drying and folding dirty ones)
* Washes the rugs (this includes drying and putting back)
* Cleans the stove
* Put my shoes away

And, Lastly, this is what started my rant:

* Cleans the toliet

Something I have to do daily with 3 kids and namely a little boy who has very bad aim!
This list is actually MUCH Loooonnnggger, but I don't have the mental energy today to think about it!

Back to cleaning the toliets!

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