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Boo It Forward This Halloween with Ghostbusters #BooItForward

The tradition of "Booing your Neighbor" has been around for several years now and it has really grown in popularity as a fun, safe, family-oriented activity. It's also known as "Ghosting" or "Boo-gramming." And, we totally are participating this year!

Boo It Forward This Halloween with Ghostbusters #BooItForward

To get started, simply visit the official Walmart Boo It Forward site to SELECT a "BOO" bucket, FILL your BOO bucket with spooky sweet treats, and select a copy of the NEW Ghostbusters on DVD or Blu-Ray. You can also download some awesome BOO IT FORWARD printable cards whilst on the site to include in your BOO BUCKET.

Once you receive your amazing BOO bucket, you have to put your bucket all together {be sure to let your kiddos do this task, they will love it} and then figure out WHO and HOW you are going to "SECRETLY" deliver your boo bundle to your friend(s), relative(s) or neighbor(s).

Boo It Forward This Halloween with Ghostbusters #BooItForward


Think of all the friends you could BOO this year! AND, when you download the printable - you get to boo it forward because your boo-ed friend will have the opportunity to reciprocate to a friend of theirs. The printable has the instructions on how to "boo" when you anonymously deliver your boo bucket to your neighbor, friend or relative. Your recipient then has ONLY 48 hours to put together their own BOO BUCKET for a friend, relative or neighbor. Now all this amazing-ness creates a chain throughout your neighborhood.

Boo It Forward This Halloween with Ghostbusters #BooItForward

So, my girls and I selected a friend and her kiddos to deliver our gift of a BOO BASKET and, secretly delivered it to their door, rang the bell and ditched and ran. My girls were laughing so hard. They literally thought this was the best activity ever!

This was very reminiscent for me and reminded me of the days of my youth when we would deliver handmade May Day baskets. A completely forgotten tradition today that was done simply for the kindness of doing it. I love that this BOO BUCKET has the same simplistic feel. This is such a heartwarming and charming activity for children that I think everyone with kids should participate!

Boo It Forward This Halloween with Ghostbusters #BooItForward

But, here are some rules to remember for your BOO IT FORWARD BASKETS:

1. Giving is completely anonymous! No telling! The biggest part of the excitement is trying to sneak away undetected!

2. Let the kiddos give the baskets! Let your kiddos experience the true joy of unselfish giving!

3. It really doesn't take too much to brighten another person's day!


Boo It Forward This Halloween with Ghostbusters #BooItForward

Disclosure: Free products were received in exchange for this advertisement. All opinions are 100% my own and honest.

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