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Back To School Lunch Packing Station

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The year 1929 is often regarded as a turning point in American history. It was the end of the era called the Roaring Twenties after the Wall Street Crash brought on the Great Depression. It marked the first public broadcast on television transmission of images of a bouquet of roses and an American flag and the first Academy Awards were held. It also was the year Mussolini signed the Lateran Treaty, making Vatican City a sovereign state. And Jewel built the 'Gray Lady', a new office, warehouse, and coffee roasting facility in suburban Barrington, Illinois.
Back To School Lunch Packing Station #BackToSchool #AHugeSaving

To commemorate this landmark in history, Jewel-Osco, a division of Albertsons, is launching a HUGE Anniversary Sale celebrating 116 years through August 11th. Jewel has been Barrington’s hometown grocer for multiple generations in many families, including mine.

I love Jewel-Osco. Every time I walk in the door I get a sentimental gleam in my eye, and I have to look down EVERY aisle like a kid in a candy store.  Sale on chicken, delightful!  I love fresh brussel sprouts!  There is something special about being able to park 10 feet from the door and have a bagger carry my groceries to my car for me. AND, yes, they still do this, simply ask!. The people that work there know me since I swing by there for recipe ingredients at least once twice a week, and are all super friendly.  

I've been a long-time shopper at Jewel-Osco. They have been my go-to grocery for 25 years now. They have been my place to go as a starving college student, as a fresh-out, as a newlywed, as a new mom and now as a back-to-school crazed mom with a very busy schedule.

Back To School Lunch Packing Stations #BackToSchool #AHugeSale

We are gearing up for back-to-school and Jewel-Osco has all my lunch packing food items included in their HUGE anniversary sale! I set-up a back-to-school lunch packing station in my house already. Now my kids can make their own lunches and all their non-refrigerated lunch making items are right in one place.(and when they get home from school, they can put their lunch bags back in the station instead of on the floor!)

Back To School Lunch Packing Station #BackToSchool #AHugeSale

A friend of mine recently bought this cart and was showing how she used it and I thought, well I need to have one too! It sits off to the side right now because there is no room by the island where we actually make lunches. But the kiddos can just slide it over during the lunch making process. Don't have this nifty cart? Simply put all your lunch groceries in one spot. A shelf in the pantry or cupboard would work well too!

Back To School Lunch Packing Station #BackToSchool #AHugeSale
Back To School Lunch Packing Station #BackToSchool #AHugeSale

Right in the middle, I put my son's favorite soda, Pepsi, for his bag and my daughter's have their juice. I also put Gatorade on this shelf as well. My kiddos have loads of after school sports activities and really need to replenish electrolytes.

Back To School Lunch Packing Station #BackToSchool #AHugeSale
Back To School Lunch Packing Station #BackToSchool #AHugeSale

I decided to put the lunch bags on the bottom shelf instead of in the cupboard where they used to be located. I'm hoping this will prompt my kids to actually put their lunch bags away instead of leaving them on the floor. My kids are pretty picky and brand specific, so I guess I am lucky in that I don't have to purchase tons of different food items.

Back To School Lunch Packing Station #BackToSchool #AHugeSale
Back To School Lunch Packing Station #BackToSchool #AHugeSale
Back To School Lunch Packing Station #BackToSchool #AHugeSale
Back To School Lunch Packing Station #BackToSchool #AHugeSale

Inspiration from Pinterest.

Back To School Lunch Packing Station #BackToSchool #AHugeSavings

What back-to-school foods will you buy at your Jewel-Osco grocery store during the HUGE Anniversary sale? Stock up now on all your favorite brands through 8/11.

If you don't have a Jewel-Osco in your area, be sure to visit your local Safeway, Vons, Alberstons or Shaws and check out the great Anniversary Sale deals

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