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My Best Shot

This week the challenge was to take loads of photos and pick your very best shot. I followed instructions. I took over 1000 photos this past week. (seriously, I am not joking) Yesterday on my who would you trade places with for the day post, I think I posted one of my very best shots our of those 1000 photos. (you can see it here) So I couldn't very well post the same photo two days in a row, well, I could, but I won't.

I picked another photo that delights me so. My little one was petrified of horses last year . . . petrified, shaking in her boots sort of issue. Recently, after seeing many horse movies, she has fallen in love with anything horses. Which pleases me so because I adored horses when I was little. The little gal has been begging to ride horses for ages. However, she needed to be four to take lessons. She will be four in a couple of weeks and so she is finally able to 'gittup!

Her first horse riding lesson was this past Tuesday . . . I have never seen this child so excited about anything in her entire 3.89 years of life. She asked me all day long . . . "is it time to go to my horse riding lesson momma". Almost baby I replied, almost.

As soon as her little foot passed over the back of that saddle and she was sitting high up on that pony, she flashed me the biggest smile I have ever seen. I was smiling the biggest smile I think I have ever smield as well, so I totally missed the opportunity for that shot. But here she is, learning how to hold the reins and stop Maggie Pony. Her newest bestest friend in the entire universe!

Play Time

My Lovely Daughter