The Happy's Plush Interactive Plush Pet Toy {Review}

I am participating as part of a promotional program with Cepia LLC and MomSelect and received a toy for review purposes only. All opinions are mine alone. #TheHappy's

I am so thrilled to introduce toymaker Cepia’s newest toys, The Happy’s, from the creators of ZhuZhu Pets! The Happy's are an amazing line of interactive plush animals. These adorable plush pets will make perfect stocking stuffers this year for Christmas.

The_Happy's #TheHappy's

The Happy’s are an adorable line of motorized plush pet toys that spin, pounce, follow, chase, race, play and perform tricks. Each plush pet includes an interactive happy treat that allows the child to engage with their pet.

We received Lulu and her happy treat and the Chase and Play Ball. Lulu is an adorable little pink poodle that comes with a pink dog treat, named Wiggle. The dog treat, Wiggle, does exactly what it states.

The Happy's #TheHappy's

The Happy's Plush Pet Lulu

We were able to almost instantaneously use Lulu and the Chase and Play Ball out of the box. We simply installed two AAA batteries in Lulu and three AAA batteries in the Chase and Play Ball. There is a button on the back of Lulu clearly details with an embroidered LH that will need to be pushed in order to activate Lulu. Next, push the button on the Wiggle treat until the light activates and point the treat at the eyeballs of Lulu. Lulu responds to the IR beam/signal from the dog treat and is off and running and playing. 

The Happy's Lulu #TheHappy's

Our dog treat details what specific trick Lulu will perform and that is "Wiggle". Once Lulu is in the range of the dog treat, simply direct the beam at her eyes and she will perform her wiggle trick. It is adorable! Each of The Happy's comes with a dog treat that unlocks a specific trick to be performed. If you have more than one Happy's pet, they will interact with each of the pet's treats. We can't wait to see what other tricks Lulu can perform.

The Chase & Play Ball

The Happy's Chase and Play Ball #TheHappy's

The Chase and Play Ball also immediately works as soon as you turn it on. Simply place the Chase and Play Ball on a smooth surface flooring with your Happy's pet and watch the two toys interact together and make your children extremely excited. Lulu chased the ball all over our hardwood flooring and would even pounce on the ball and they would dance a bit together.

The Happy's Lulu #TheHappy's

Lulu's light sensors are in her eyes. When my girls aimed the Wiggle dog treat at Lulu's eyes, she would follow them at about five feet or so. When they girls were finished playing with Lulu, they simply had to press the embroidered letters on Lulu's back again and she would go into sleep mode.

The Happy's  Chase and Play Ball #The Happy's

We have hard wood flooring throughout our first floor in our home and I would say this was the best flooring for Lulu and the Chase and Play Ball to interact and be fully mobile. The Happy's toymaker does recommend a hard floor surface such as wood, tile or laminate. Lulu does move around quite quickly, so I would not place her on our kitchen counters as I can see her quickly taking a dive off of them.

The Happy's Lulu Plush Pet #TheHappy's

The Happy’s Plush Pet Toy

The Happy’s plush pets include Lulu, Chance, Bentley, Thunder, Lady, Mittens, Piper and Sport. Lulu is a Pink Poodle, Chance is a Beagle, Bentley is a Golden Retriever, Thunder is a Blue Dog, Lady is a Pink Kitten and Mittens is a white Kitten, Piper is a snow white pup and Sport is a Golden Doodle.

The Happy's Lulu Chase & Play Ball #TheHappy's

There are other the Happy's accessories available to purchase as well. Besides the Chase & Play Ball there is Speedy Sports Car, Clubhouse, Pet Carriers, Skateboard, Rockin' Playground, Bed & Blanket and also available to purchase are the individual Happy's treats.

The Happy's Plush Pets are the most magical pet to give your children this holiday season!

The Happy’s Plush Pets and accessories are available at Target, Toys 'R Us, Walmart, Radio Shack and Justice.  The Happy’s Plush Pets and their accessories are recommended for children 4+ and have retail prices of $5.99 – $24.99.