Pre-Party Sneak Peek Judy Moody Party

I told my daughter last night we were going to have a 'little' party  . . . she replied "what for Momma" . . . I paused for great effect and simply stated "Judy Moody" and she started jumping up and down in her seat, which cause her sister to start jumping up and down in her seat, which caused my son to jump up an down on his seat . . .

My children love when their favorite books are turned in to movies . . . my children are avid readers (yes, I sort of force them to love books since I love books so much) and every time a movie is promoted that happens to be a book we have read . . . my childen insist we must see it. We never had an opportunity to see Judy Moody and The Not Bummer Summer ( a very hilarious book by Megan McDonald and even more hilarious when listened to on CD in the car running errands) in the theaters so with much excitement they are waiting for the DVD release on October 19th with breaths held!

To celebrate this fabulous DVD release, we are going to have a "little" party at our house!

Way Not Boring Stuff We Will Be Doing:

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