Nine Lives Kitty Cat Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches


An all-star cast, a collection of cats, whats not to love? Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner, and Christopher Walken star in this purr-fect family comedy. Nine Lives is sure to make a cat-lover out of everyone as you and your family enjoy all of Mr. FuzzyPants' hijinks! Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment will let this cat out of the bag on Digital HD October 25th and on Blu-ray & DVD November 1st!!

Nine Lives NOW available on Digital HD AND DVD!

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Nine Lives Kitty Cat Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches #NineLives

Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey), a billionaire businessman who is one of the most powerful men in the world, has very little time for his family. With time running out to choose a present for his daughter for her 11th birthday, he stops off to get her a cat like she requested, despite the fact that he hates cats.

Nine Lives Kitty Cat Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches #NineLives

Back in the car on the way to his daughter's birthday party, he has an accident and wakes up in the body of the cat, who is named Mr. Fuzzypants. Subjected to humiliations such as bows on his head and baths thanks to his daughter, who loves the grumpy cat, Brand is told by the mystical pet store owner, Felix Perkins (Christopher Walken), from whom he bought Mr. Fuzzypants, that until he makes things right with his family, he'll remain a cat.

Nine Lives Kitty Cat Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches #NineLives

Kitty Cat Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches

Nine Lives Kitty Cat Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches#NineLives #NineLivesInsiders

In order to watch Nine Lives, I simply had to make my kiddos some Kitty Cat Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches. These are super easy to make too! Bake some large chocolate chip cookies (or really any of your favorite cookie will do). Grab your favorite ice cream, I just used vanilla though and let it set on the counter for a bit to get soft. You want to be able to scoop out some lovely round ice cream scoops and its super hard when, well, your ice cream is super hard!

Nine Lives Kitty Cat Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches #NineLives

Grab a cookie and scoop out a lovely round ball of ice cream, place it o the underside of one cookie and top it with the other cookie -- creating a cookie sandwich. Roll the prepared cookie sandwich in candy gems.  Place them on some parchment paper and freeze for about an hour. Bring your frozen cookies out and begin to make the cat faces. Frost your top cookie with chocolate frosting and dip in chocolate sprinkles. Add eye candies and a frosting nose. Add fruit strip whiskers.

Nine Lives Kitty Cat Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches #NineLives

And Enjoy! Be sure to grab every cat toy you have in your home as well to enjoy Nine Lives!!

Nine Lives Kitty Cat Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches #NineLives

Here's your opportunity to win a Blu-ray copy of Nine Lives!

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