My Vacuum Cleaner Dilemma

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I have this dilemma where I can’t decide what to purchase when I need to make a new purchase. I ponder on it for days and days. The days will turn into weeks and then months and before I know it, an entire year may pass. I will ponder, wonder and debate with myself what to do. This frustrates my husband to no end. I just don’t want to make a purchase and then be completely unsatisfied with what I finally make the decision on. Anyone else like this?

This happened to me a number of years ago when I needed to purchase a vacuum cleaner. I could not decide which vacuum cleaner to purchase.  I researched what would be the absolute best vacuum cleaner to purchase. I made an educated purchase and was completely satisfied that I had made a good decision. Then once I had the brand spanking new vacuum cleaner at home and was actually utilizing it, I was so utterly and completely disappointed.

I was devastated and couldn’t believe what I had just gone through. I told my neighbor and she told me she had just purchased a new vacuum cleaner and to just go buy this particular one. She let me know she loved hers. They had a dog as well and told me this was a great vacuum. Based on her opinion and recommendation on buying a vacuum cleaner, I went out and purchased another new vacuum cleaner.

I will admit that this particular vacuum cleaner did work great for the first couple of years. I was completely and utterly satisfied and the first vacuum cleaner was moved to the basement as the basement vacuum only, never to be seen on the first floor again.

However, this was seven years ago and this wonderful vacuum cleaner is very tired indeed with a broken handle as well, making it very hard to carry up and down the stairs. For the past year, I have known that I am in need of a new vacuum cleaner. But, I am back to the pondering stage of not knowing what to purchase. My head spins whenever I head out and try out new vacuum cleaners. There is so much to choose from and I once again can’t decide which vacuum cleaner would be the best for our busy household with numerous pets and three small children and different floor surfaces.

One of the most wonderful aspects of blogging is that sometimes this decision is not left up to me. (which is a good thing for this pondering girl). I had the opportunity to purchase a new Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo Vacuum and try it out. This works perfect for me since it takes me so long to decide what to purchase. The decision is made for me, so basically it is a win-win situation!

EurekaONETurbo (8 of 14).JPG

Like any mom, I vacuum a lot. I have three young children and they seem to drag in every single stray blade of grass or speckle of dirt. By the end of the day, my floors look like we hosted a rodeo and I need to vacuum or otherwise, I can’t walk on the floor without picking everything up on the bottoms of my feet.

EurekaONETurbo (4 of 14).JPG

I am more than delighted with the Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo Vacuum. I am particularly happy because my past vacuum purchases added up to over one thousand dollars. I’m happy to say the Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo Vacuum cost me less than one hundred dollars. Guess how happy my husband is too?

The Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo Vacuum was super easy to assemble and my children were able to help me get the Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo Vacuum together in no time at all.

My first floor is entirely hard wood floors with area rugs in each room and my basement and upper levels are fully carpets. (remember that first vacuum cleaner that moved to the basement years ago, well it dies a couple of years ago as well) The Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo Vacuum works perfectly and transitions well from hard wood to area rugs to carpeted floors. My six year old is now even able to run the vacuum cleaner over the carpet without shouting out for help in pushing.

The Eureka is super lightweight and I am able to maneuver is quite easily up and down my staircases. I have two staircases on the first floor  to the second floor and one stair case to the basement. I'm happy to say I am not sweating bullets by the time I am finished as there is no lugging and hauling of a heavy beast of a machine any longer. The included Stair and Upholstery Turbo Nozzle makes cleaning the stairs a breeze. The hair on the brushes are quite soft and have not scratched any of my surfaces. I loved that the Eureka sucked every single stray crumb out of my sofas! They almost looked brand new and that is hard to do with three small children living in your home wrecking havoc as soon as you turn your back.

EurekaONE (13 of 1).JPG

My life is a bit easier now because my children can easily use the Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo since it is so lightweight. They were unable to vacuum before as our old vacuum was very heavy and since it was so old, you had to vacuum very, very slowly in order to pick anything up. It took me well over an hour to vacuum our home each day and really just stressed me out. I took to using the broom because it was just that much simpler. Have you ever swept a carpet? I'm no longer sweeping my carpets and my kids line up when we are assigning chores to negotiate who gets to vacuum on what day.

That is success to me! I'm happy with this purchase and even happier I didn't wait any longer to buy a vacuum cleaner. Take it from this busy mom, purchase the Eureka AirSpeed ONE Turbo Vacuum at Walmart - you won't be disappointed!