The Revolutionary Way to Chore Chart:

Here is a fabulous, revolutionary Chore Chart system from Children will be excited about this new chore chart system. Turn chores and other responsibilities into an interactive game.

When I was growing up I never had a specific place where I went to look to see what chores I had to complete. I forgot a lot of the time as was constantly getting into trouble for forgetting my chores.

Now that my children are at an age where they can accept the responsibility of chores I needed a system that would work well for all of us as well. We first tried a small white board outside each of the children's bedrooms. This didn't work well and failed shortly after they were hung on the walls. Next I discovered a chore chart with little magnetic wooden tokens. Each child has one and each child has misplaced and lost many of the tokens. A lot of the tokens have gone up the vacuum cleaner as well. This didn't work well and is another failure in my attempt to locate the most perfect chore chart for my kids.

I think I have finally found a fabulous, revolutionary Chore Chart system from It  couldn't be more excited about it. Furthermore, my kids are excited about the new chore chart system we are now using. I have turned chores and other responsibilities into an interactive game.


My expectations from my children are no longer arbitrary to them. They are actually excited to complete their daily responsibilities and check in and review their chore charts progress at the end of the day.

I have also set up a Behavior Chart along with the Chore Chart for my children. Having three small children so close in age does not always equal a cohesive home. My children have little issues sometimes and don't always speak to each other kindly. This is a huge issue to me and something I refuse to tolerate. I want my children to always be loving and kind to each other, even when they are not getting along. With the Behavior Chart my children can strengthen their characters and judgments.


Utilizing the FREE website is very easy. My children can navigate perfectly. Additionally, they all had such a great time setting up their own Chore and Behavior Charts {with a little guidance from me}. My kids have fun updating their charts and are actually excited about their behaviors towards our family. We print off the results each week and delve out the rewards.

I have finally found the perfect Chore Chart system for our family.

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