How To Train your Dragon 2 themed Family Movie Night FREE Activity Sheets

How To Train your Dragon 2 FREE Activity Sheets for Family Movie Night


Are you ready for the How To Train your Dragon 2 DVD release November 11th? I have the perfect way to celebrate the DVD release with a Family Movie Night at home with your kiddos. Watching movies together as a family allows all of us to share laughter and joy.

Sometimes it is hard to come up with an at home activity to keep your family engaged. I am always eager to spend quality time with my kids because we are so busy outside of the home and our family time together is getting very precious to me. At times, my brain is a bit exhausted and I can't come up with anything creative or new for all of us to do together.


Anyone can achieve a goal if they set their mind to it. We need to always strive for excellence, just like it tells us in the Bible. Be a good friend. Don't judge people {or dragons} by their looks. Admit when you are wrong and always apologize and ask for forgiveness.





Go all out by turning your family room into a theater! Have the children create movie tickets and play the usher of the theater/family room. Make family movie night special with balloons and fresh hot popcorn.


Print out exclusive How To Train your Dragon 2 coloring pages, connect the dots, and other fun printables for an at home party for Family Movie Night.

Here are some games you could play as well. Dragon Training 101: A dragon trainer ned to be fit and ready to ride! Practice skills by creating an obstacle course and time each child for improvement. Dragon Racing: Create paper airplanes and have kids complete by seeing who can fly the farthest or hit a target.

Family night is about spending quality time together. The activities are the added bonus. Remember to set aside some quality time often for your family and all other obligations should take a back seat. I hope you consider a Family Movie Night at your house!

If you have any fun ideas or themes, please share them in the comments!

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