Rockford Ice Hogs Dominate Chicago Wolves

This past Friday evening, the Rockford Ice Hogs put in seven goals against the Chicago Wolves. 

Rockford began the game in a three-way tie with the Milwaukee Admirals and Chicago Wolves for the eighth and final playoff spot in the Western Conference with 79 points each, but the Ice Hogs have four games remaining, while Chicago and Milwaukee have six.

The Ice Hogs were ready to play I will say that. After collecting our tickets and making the very long walk to our seats, (that part was not fun with little ones in tow) we sat down for a very exciting game. We were up in a higher section and it would have been great to sit closer and be able to see a bit better. But, these Ice Hogs fans have had their tickets in hand for months and months. The Ice Hogs really have a loyal fan base that makes the arena all that more fun! The crowds were infectious!!

In the beginning it looked like the Chicago Wolves were just going to slightly dominate the score board. However, the periods were exciting with loads of fights breaking out! Like I said, the Ice hogs were not messing around. Coming into the start of the half, the Ice Hogs were up 4-2 and it was not going to get any better for the Wolves.

The game was an absolute blast and everyone had a great time cheering on the Rockford Ice Hogs to a winning night. It is always more exciting when the home team wins at home.

Remaining games
Friday, April 19: at San Antonio
Saturday, April 20: at Texas

 Disclosure: Informational post only. I received tickets to attend the game in exchange for an honest review. No compensation has been received.