Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam | {Review}

Did you get to the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Event held in Chicago last weekend? If you didn't, you missed an amazing show! The Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam group really know how to put a show together! Monster Jam is an exciting show that mixes sports entertainment and racing for a wonderful fan experience.

The stunts this year were just as brilliant and frightening as ever! Each round of trucks has a 90-second time frame or "run" to face off with an opponent. The respective Monster Jam Truck will smash their way through and around obstacles such as busses, cars, planes, other larger vehicles, RVs and huge piles of dirt. There is so much to see, you really must stay alert or you will miss some action. The goal of each Monster jam truck is to out-perform their competition for the judges.

I do have to say that the most exciting vehicle to see that evening was the converted Smart Car. Oh yes they did! The converted a Smart Car! WITH A JET ENGINE! Smart Jet Car it was and super loaded! This Smart Jet Car literally blew 30 foot flames ans was so loud! It was a rather exciting event to witness!

Not in the Chicagoland area and missed the Monster Jam show. Please visit the Monster Jam official website for a city near you. Tickets are ON SALE now for next year's show! Get yours now as this show always sells out FAST! Be sure to purchase your pass for the Party in the Pit pass. This is a pre-show event provides the ticket holders an exciting up close look at the Monster Jam trucks and their drivers. You will actually get to walk around on the courses and see what is about to be demolished.

About Monster Jam Events:

At Monster Jam, monster trucks face off in two different forms of competition -- side-by-side racing and freestyle:

Side-by-side racing – traditional bracket racing, where the first truck, with the least amount of penalties, crosses the finish line is declared the winner.

Freestyle competition – allows drivers a limited amount of time on the open floor to show off their skills. In this category, the fans serve as the judges.

Fun Trivia About Monster Jam Events:

2007 was the 25 year anniversary for the Grave Digger Team

More than 4 million Monster Jam fans attend events each year worldwide

The World Finals in Las Vegas, NV brings 24 of the top trucks in the world to compete for the World Freestyle and Racing Championships.  Competitors are by invitation only.

A monster truck race team will travel 45,000 Miles / 72,400 kilometers a year by land to attend events.

Typical monster trucks cost $600,000 yearly to build, staff, compete, transport and maintain on the Monster Jam tour.

Steel body full-size cars are the vehicles typically crushed during a monster truck event.

Cars, as well as vans, buses, motor homes, airplanes and ambulances, are attained from local junkyards and returned after each event.

Average number of cars crushed per year: 3,000.

Disclosure: Thanks to Feld Entertainment for the tickets in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are my own.