The Ultimate Life #TheUltimateLife

The Ultimate Life, follow-up to the heartwarming film and best-seller The Ultimate Giftcomes to Blu-ray and DVD this Tuesday, December 10th.   

Available On Blu-ray™ & DVD December 10th

  This touching story of hope and family values is the follow-up to the heartwarming film and best-seller The Ultimate Gift. After receiving life-changing gifts from his grandfather, Jason Stevens finds himself in need of guidance once again. Jason’s billion dollar foundation is being challenged in a courtroom battle, which complicates his relationship with his soul mate. When it looks like he may lose it all, he finds his grandfather’s journal. With everything he loves hanging in the balance, he embarks on a journey into the past through the journal to learn what it means to live...The Ultimate Life.   

Special Features 

  • The Heart of the Ultimate Life 
  • Official Movie Trailer 
  • Interviews with cast members Abigale Mavity, Ali Hillis, Bill Cobbs, David Mann, Drew Waters, Logan Bartholomew, Austin James, Peter Fonda, executive producer Rick Eldridge and author Jim Stovall 
  • Deleted Scenes 
  • "One Life" Music Video 
  • Behind the Scene Featurettes

In The Ultimate Gift, we met Red Stevens, a successful businessman and philanthropist who gets to the end of his life and finds that, with all his success, he has one fatal flaw – a totally dysfunctional family.  Through his grandson, Jason, Red attempts to instill his values and preserve his life's legacy by giving him a series of gifts leading to the ultimate gift – an opportunity to manage a multibillion dollar foundation.

            The Ultimate Life takes place three years later, and Jason (Logan Bartholomew) is running his grandfather's foundation, being sued by his greedy relatives and can't seem to find enough time or energy to keep his relationship with his beloved Alexia (Ali Hillis) a priority.

            Jason, at his wit's end, is given a never-before-seen journal by Red's life-long lawyer and friend, Hamilton (Bill Cobbs).  As he reads each page, Jason is transported back in time to an incredible world where the young Red Stevens (Austin James) strives to overcome a life of poverty on his way to finding success and becoming a billionaire.

            With everything he loves hanging in the balance, Jason, through reading the journal, once again learns from his grandfather's first person account of success and failure, and finds his way back to The Ultimate Life.

            The Ultimate Life is both a sequel and a prequel to the 2007 highly acclaimed theatrical release

 The Ultimate Gift.  Based on the popular novel by Jim Stovall, the film was directed by Michael

 Landon, Jr (Saving Sarah Cain, The Shining, Love's Abiding Joy), from a screenplay by Brian Bird (Walter, Touched By An Angel), Cheryl McKay (The Ultimate Gift) and Lisa Grace Shillingburg, making her screenwriting debut.

            The film stars Logan Bartholomew (The Genesis Code, The Love's Abiding Series), Ali Hillis (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Ultimate Gift, Must Love Dogs), Lee Meriwether (The Ultimate Gift, The Undefeated), Bill Cobbs (Night in the Museum, The Ultimate Gift), Peter Fonda (Easy Rider, 3:10 to Yuma) as Jacob Early, young Red's mentor, and David Mann (Meet the Browns and Tyler Perry's Medea films) as Hobo Joe.

            Also starring are Austin James (Supernatural Activity), Drew Waters (Home Run, Friday Night Lights), Bechir Sylvain (Love), Abigail Mavity (The Onion Movie), Elizabeth Ann Bennett (The Passing), Jack Depew (The A-List), and Dane Northcutt, making his feature film debut.

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