More Fun Facts About Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Built To Amaze #ChiRingling,


The Danguir Troupe High Wire

• Walking the high wire requires equal measures of talent, courage and concentration.   

• The Danguir troupe had to learn to fall forward or backward while balancing on the high wire instead of the natural instinct to fall outward!

• Danguir troupe leader Mustafa jumps a car length’s distance over four troupe members on a high wire 25 feet in the air !

• High wire walkers wear ver y thin and f lexible, leather soled shoes to protect the ir feet from abrasions and bruises.

• When preparing to jump, a high wire performer’s feet should be aligned with the wire toe to heel.

• When landing after a jump, a high wire performer’s feet sh ould be at an angle to the wire for better balance.

• A high wire rope with little sag makes quicker vibrations, whereas a loose rope with a lot of sag makes larger back and forth swings.

• An optimal sag on a high wire is about 3 feet where balancing is easiest .


• Mustafa Danguir is the first person in the world to consistently jump over 4 peo ple on a high wire successfully

• The Danguir Family dazzle as they raise the roof, looming high above the arena floor, on a high wire as thin a pencil, as they execute difficult acrobatics and dangerous stunts.

• The Danguir’s construct two man pyramids and intricate jumps, including an incredible one man leap from one troupe member’s shoulder to another’s

• The high wire is suspended 25 feet in the air.

• The high wire is only ½ inch wide . . . the same width as your thumb!

Kiev Aerialists Spiral Lyras

• The Kiev Aerialists perform their enchanting aerial artistry 30 feet in the air in custom built spiral lyras. Dimitri Dol gikh and Nadej hda Tarasova Iron Ja w Aerialists/Strap Act

• Aerialists Dima and Nadja combine their amazing strength with ballet and gymnastics skills on the high aerial straps 35 feet in the air as they flex, flip and effortlessly float through the circus stratosphere.

• They also perform in an incredible Iron Jaw routine where Nadja is suspended in the air by no thing more than a mouth piece clinched behind Dima’s teeth and pure jaw strength.

• The Iron Jaw is an aerial performance in which an acrobat s wings and does tricks while suspended from leather and metal mouthpiece which fits into the performers mouth. 

 Francleib Rodrigues and Monica Neves Upside Down Footlooping

• To prepare for performing at The Greatest Show On Earth , “Flobson” had to practice being upside down for increasingly longer periods of time each day to allow his body to become more accustomed to the full routine without fainting.

• Francleib Rodrigues combines his flying trapeze skills with a set of asymmetrical trapeze bars for a shocking in flight finale.

• A first generation circus performer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Francleib Rodrigues start ed on the flying trapeze.

• Francleib Rodrigues (“Flobson”) and Monica Neves “walk ” in foot loops inverted 25 feet high above the arena floor – without a net or harness!

• Flobson mixes his flying trapeze and asymmetrical trapeze bar skills to leap seven feet from one trapeze to another!


Clown Alley

• Clown Alley mixes soap bar shavings , tempura paint , and water with an industrial strength mixer to create the foam needed for their soap gag.

• Every movement and gesture is carefully choreographed and rehearsed so the clowns don’t get hurt – only soaked and soapy.


• The world famous Ringling Bros. ® Clown Alley, (MADE UP OF 5 FEMALES AND 7 MALES) are the foundation of Built To Amaze! and will fabricate the audiences’ funny bones with hysterical silly antics and clownish comedy.    


The Negrey Troupe Fast Track Acrobatics

• The Negrey Troupe from Russia and the Ukraine, perform over 300 flips, jumps, rolls, and leaps down an 80 foot long custom built tumbling fast track.

• The 10 member Negrey Troupe display more than 151 years of astounding acrobatic expertise.

• Cartwheels, handsprings, back flips, and tucks are just a few areas of expertise that Negrey Troupe brings to Ringling Bros . Built To Amaze !


Duo Fusion and Duo Solys Hand Balancing

• Handbalancing emphasizes the strength, flexibility and body control of each performer.

• Using their bodies as building materials, they construct beautiful human pyramids, each one more complex than the last !

• The idea is to move slowly and make everything we do look effortless.


• The dynamic Duo Fusion and Duo Solys hand balancers, d emonstrate powerful passion and insane flexibility!

• Duo Fusion and Duo Solys surprise audiences when the petite females, Vir ginia and Tatiana support their male partners, Giovanni and Hector.

• These very distinct yet captivating couples maintain perfect synchronization even as Duo Fusion’s Virginia attempts to balance Giovanni, upside down on her shoulders, poised in three inch heels and Duo Solys’ Tatiana attempts to elevate Hector with only on e arm.

King Charles Troupe Basketball Unicyclists

• The legendary King Charles Trou pe performs the world’s wittie st, wackiest game of basketball on unicycles!

• “Giraffe unicycles” are tall unicycles that can range in height from 3 feet to over 10 feet high.

• The King Charles Troupe’s unique performance combines precision, basketball on unicycles and comedy!

• The Troupe first appeared with Ringling Bros . ® in 1969 and was the first African American act in the history of the circus.

• The King Charles Troupe evolved from a visionary man named Jerry King, who when he wa s only eight years old was inspired by a performer perched upon a unicycle on the high wire in The Greatest Show On Earth ® .

• Troupe leader, Kim Anthony Jones (Kip), accomplished a record setting 164 single jumps on a u nicycle while double dutch jump roping.

• When riding a unicycle , keep your weight on the seat, not on the pedals for better balance !

• Unicycling requires leg and core strength.

• Lean forward and keep your eyes focused ahead of you to help keep your balance.

• Lean in the direction you want to turn just like on a bicycle or motorcycle for a gradual turn.

• Turn to the right as the right pedal goes down or to the left as the left pedal goes down for a sharp turn.


Trampoline Tower Tumblers Trampoline Acrobats

• The Tower Tumblers from the Ukraine launch themselves from two trampolines to scale, repel and pass through a thr ee story high translucent tower!

• Performing acrobatic art on a trampoline requires great concentration as it is very easy to lose your bearings and get hurt.

• A successful acrobat’s mind and body must be trained for many years to work toge ther in perfect synchronization. Alex & Irina Emelin Animal Magic, Dog Act , Comedy Duo

• Alex and Irina Emelin are a nine time international award winning comedic duo from Russia.

• The Emelins’ have spent years constructing unique acts full of comedy, animals, magic and dynamic athleticism .

• The Emelins love American culture so much that all of their 16 black and white poo dles are nam ed after famous American actors! Stars of the Steel Vortex Wheel of Steel Acrobats

• The Wheel of Steel is powered by the strength of the performers who combine balance with acrobatic skills without a safety net.

• As the wheel approaches the floor, the performer experiences several times the force of gravity.

• The Steel Vortex moves side to side while it rotates making balancing for performers extremely challenging.

• Performers power up the 46 foot ap paratus to speeds of more than 2 5 miles per hour!


• At the top of the wheel’s rotation, a performer experiences zero gravity.

• As a performer moves forward in the wheel, he pulls the center of gravity away from the center, causing the wheel to rotate.

• In a performance, an acrobat walks both on the inside an d outside of the wheel.

• While on the outside of the wheel, the performer must pass between the wheel struts called “the tunnel” without the use of a safety net or harness.

• The Wheel of Steel defies the forces of gravity as four outrageous daredevils inclu ding Flavia Costa, a 5’ll female acrobat, propel themselves with cat like ease in and out the spinning double wheel.

• Flavia will demonstrate that there is no fear in this feminine feline as she undertakes an unfathomable human tower attempt on the Wheel o f Steel balancing dangerously on her partner’s shoulders as they spin the wheel 30 feet in the air!