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For everyday wear, I prefer to wear lipstick over lip gloss, which makes my lips feel super sticky. I ultimately feel like it is on my teeth and I don't want to smile without checking first. I will wear it on occasion though, to give my lips a bit of shine. I love red lipstick, but I will say that since I had children, I never wear it much anymore. My kids want to touch it or be kissed and there it goes, all smeared on my face or clothes or their clothing. I miss red lips.

I've been wearing basic lip protectant for years now. It's easy and my kids don't poke my lips wondering what is on them. I miss gorgeous lip sticks and when I heard that Revlon is challenging women to express themselves in their new Revlon Expression Experiment, I knew I was up for the Red Lipstick Challenge!

Since I don't wear lipstick too often, I don't usually like to spend too much on it either. I can sometimes locate a great red that can be kept in my makeup kit for years for that very special occasion when I can wear red lipstick when my kids are not tugging at my face. I like to stick to a store brand so I can try them out without too much of a strain on my wallet. This week I received some fabulous reds from Revlon and was so pleasantly surprised.

I'm so happy to have a couple of bright and fun reds by Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Cherry Tart $7.49  and Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Fire & Ice $7.99   I love the new lipsticks with the color showing through the clear section of the tube. It makes it so much easier to spot my favorite color.

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter is vivid and rich, and doesn't have that chalky look or feel. The Lip Butter glides on smooth and doesn't stick to my lips at all. It actually feels really great on my lips. The buttery balm is available is 20 fabulous shades. I have very pale skin and the Cherry Tart color was perfect for my light skin tone. Although, I can see this shade on any skin tone.

I don't mind the flavor either. . .  kind of butter-ry. After I wiped it off, I was even more pleasantly surprised that my lips were not stained with the lip shade. That could be a bonus for some or not for others. I put the lip butter on my daughter's lips and they loved it as well.


The Lustrous Lipstick was more of what I am used to in that it is a lipstick, the feel that I am more used to. The lipstick is super creamy and smooth and again did not stick to my lips when I applied it and was not the least bit chalky. There are 82 fabulous lipstick shades and I can't imagine not finding the perfect shade for oneself amongst this array of colors. When I wiped off the lipstick, there was a bit of color left on my lips, which I actually do not mind at all. My lips are also very pale, so a bit of color left on is perfect for me.

I was able to put a light coat of Revlon ColorBurst Lip Gloss Fire $7.49 right over my lightly stained lips. I liked the color but it is sticky as lip gloss is for me. It goes on shiny, like a gloss, and the red color is not so bright, but rather a perfect shade of red. Good if you are looking for a real, bright red lipstick rather than a super dark red. My lips were shiny, but with a great color. The applicator was a really nice one as well. This ColorBurst Lip Gloss is available in 15 shades

and really is super shiny, perfect for summer and for making me feel pretty and glamorous. My girls kept telling me how pretty I looked and that made me feel great all day long.


What do real women want from their makeup? Women deserve access to high quality makeup. We want prestigous makeup available for us to use on a daily basis. In other words, luxury for less. Revlon eliminates expensive markups, making high-end, pretty products accessible for a fraction of the price. Each formula is made with nourishing, enriching ingredients, comparable in quality the more expensive lines of makeup.


Revlon sent me the sleek eye shadow quads ColorStay in Seductive and Inspired $7.49. The 16-hour eye shadow is a huge plus for me. All day luxurious color that doesn't crease, fade or smudge is an added bonus for a busy mom of three

little ones like myself. I dont' have time to constantly check to see if my eye shadow looks as fabulous as when I applied it. The colors are rich and have velvety shadows that blend smoothly and effortlessly when I applied them.

I can say in all honesty that I have been wearing the same exact eye shadow color since I was about 20 years old. I'm so dull and boring and scared to try anything new or different . . . or exciting! Well, Seductive and Inpired are anything but dull. There are 16 beautiful quads available and I got such a kick out of the names.

The eyeshadow quad palettes are perfectly matched and complementary, with two neutrals and two shimmers for high-impact. They go on lightly so you can layer them without getting too heavy-handed or dropping unwanted color onto your cheeks. I applied Seductive 16 hour eye shadow and went about my day with a bit of a spring in my step I will say. I felt prettier with my new eye color and I know my face looked fresher and younger. I honestly feel that when once feels like they look better, they actually do feel better about themselves.

Even though I am a full time momma and at home everyday, I stil take the time to put on makeup {most days}. I like to feel pretty and when I'm not wearing makeup, I don't feel as pretty. Getting ready is a priority each and every morning to me and Revlon really helps me with my confidence! Sometimes when I don't have time for a full face of makeup I just put on Revlon PhotoReady Prefecting Primer. It smoothes and softens my skin and creates a perfect canvas to start my day. Applying this one step in the morning after washing my face gives me smooth, radiant, glowing skin!


I'm happy to say I never was a huge sun-worshipper earlier on in my life {I bascially just burn and I always wore hats and coverups!}. I don't have any pigmentation on my skin, but I do not have good skin and I do have wrinkles. After the first application of Revlon PhotoReady Prefecting Prime, my pores look so much smaller and my skin was smoother looking as well. Additionally, the fine lines I have around my eyes were instantly reduced.It is not thick like a liquid foundation, but more like a satiny lotion. I love it for daily weat sans makeup{I do wish it had some SPF in it though}.


I tried Revlon PhotoReady Prefecting Primer under makeup as well, and this is where I am really a fan now. Revlon PhotoReady Prefecting Primer reduced the appearance of fine lines and my large pores, evening out my skin tone {I have red spots here and there on my face as well} and giving me the perfect canvas for applying my foundation over the primer. And because it's a primer and not a foundation, it didn't make me feel like I was wearing double the makeup.

I'm also in love with makeup primer. I'm hooked with all the new Revlon products I've been sent to review.


Are you using any Revlon products you adore? Have you tried Revlon PhotoReady Prefecting Primer yet? Have you ever used a Revlon product? Which one is your favorite? If you haven't yet, check them out during the Revlon Expression Experiment. Be sure to pick up some great nail polish as well.

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Revlon. All opinions are 100% mine.

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