The Addams Family Wednesday Child Costume {Review}

My girls are not ones to run around in dresses and perfectly placedhair bows with adorable ruffled socks. Nope, that is not happening. My girls do not like to dress like that everyday or on any other occasion. When we search for costumes in our house, whether it be for play role fun or for trick or treating, we never are looking for bling or glitz. The past couple of years my girls have been wearing an Indian costume that I made for them or wearing their brother's old skeleton costumes.

All my kiddos are not into the typical fairy tale drama but rather are in love with anything creepy or scary. Enter The Adamms Family. My husband and I recently introduced the children to The Adamms Family movie and they loved it (but how could they not).

The girls think Wednesday is just fascinating and they wanted an Addams Family Costume. I was lucky enough to get The Addams Family Wednesday Child Costume for my daughter. She loves it and is now begging for a skull to carry around as well!

I think I can guess what my childen will be dressed like this year for trick or treating. Won't my son make a fabulous Uncle Fester?!

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