Beautiful Planet DVDs + MORE {Review & Giveaway}

It's spring, the time of year for rebirth, so let's all get in the spirit of spring!

This year in Geography class I have been taking my children around the globe. Each week we visit a new country and learn all the wonderful things that is unique and wonderful to its location. We have been all over Asia, Africa, North America and South America. Even off to Europe we have been. I love that I can incorporate some videos in our daily lessons because listening to me speak all day can bore my children at times(sad, but true).

I can ready books to my children and show them lovely photos of locations in specific countries, but I do believe that a video of specific locations in countries is much more appealing to my little ones. Beautiful Planet DVDs assists this homeschool mom in teaching her children about parts of this world that we would otherwise not get to see.

While studying North America in Geography and our own nation's history, I was able to show my children selections from the DVD, Medal of Honor, which details stories from our nations war heros. Another wonderful teaching DVD that I have been utilizing is, Up From Slavery. Whilst studying Europe South America and Africa, my children are learning where these nations population originates from. During these discussion I have been introducing the topic of slavery. We have discussed this as well in our own nations struggle during the Civil War specifically against slavery. Up From Slavery is a fantastic DVD for educational purposes and one we will be for many years to come.

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Beautiful Planet


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ROSEANNE (seasons 3 and 4): See Leonardo DiCaprio as Darlene's classmate (season 3) ... see Neil Patrick Harris as Dr. Doogie Howser (season 4) ... see two of the best seasons of the show TV Guide ranked #35 in their list of the 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time!

THAT '70s SHOW (seasons 3 and 4): The split screens! The dream sequences! The circle! ... season 3 includes the episode, "Too Old to Trick or Treat, Too Young to Die" (banned from Nick at Nite airings!) ... season 4 includes the classic "That '70s Musical" episode.

3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN (seasons 3 and 4):John Lithgow won 6 Emmys for outstanding lead actor ... season 3 received 8 Emmy nominations ... season 4 received 7 Emmy nominations ... there's no question: 3rd Rock is among the greatest TV comedies ever!

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Medal of Honor: This 6-part documentary chronicles the highest award given to military personnel for their extreme bravery, valor and harrowing sacrifices. Covering the Civil War through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, learn about the most courageous acts performed by the people who fight for American freedom.

Up From Slavery:With incredibly detailed historical reenactments, expert commentary and the stories of slavery told through first-hand accounts, this is an epic struggle 400 years in the making. A journey into the past like none other. This is the story of these men and women who by their hands laid the foundation of what would become the most powerful nation on Earth.

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Beautiful Planet: Embark on spectacular guided tours of the world's most marvelous sights and places. Capturing the nature and culture of these exotic destinations, these lusciously filmed documentaries offer a vivid and entertaining portrait of the history and significance of distant cities and countries.

Shot in dazzling high definition, prepare to be whisked away to one thrilling attraction after another across our most Beautiful Planet.

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