Stay safe with the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit at Pep Boys!

This post brought to you by Pep Boys. All opinions are 100% mine.

I looked out the window tonight and couldn't believe it was dark outside outdoors already. I quickly looked at my watch and it was only 7:00 PM. I was slightly deflated that the long summer nights are gone for now. I had to run out for an errand and I was driving around in the dark. My daytime driving time is decreased and will be even further decreased when Daylight Savings sets in. These seasonal woes increase the need for vehicle safety, and it starts by keeping my headlights working at their peak!

It’s time to restore my vehicle after the busy summer months and get it back to peak condition in time for back-to-school, fall activities and colder weather. I plan on doing this with 3M and Pep Boys! My headlights are filthy from drivingon dirt roads over summer vacation in rural IA and from my constant visits to a local farms in the area for homeschooling outings with my children.

October is Headlight Safety Month which makes it the perfect time for drivers to address a key safety issue on America’s roads that rarely comes to light. Dim headlight bulbs and hazy headlight lenses, which may lead to reduced visibility. This is a huge concern of mine since I am constantly driving around with three little children in my back seats.

The 3M™ Headlight Lens Restoration Kit {No Tools Required} offers drivers an easy and affordable solution to increase the efficiency of their headlights from the comfort of their own garage–and at a fraction of the cost of professional cleaning services. So basically, my husband can make the purchase himself and clean my headlights {and his own} in the safety of our own home with this easy to use kit that will restore the clarity of yellowed, hazed and dull headlight lenses. My husband will not need any special tools, but perhaps may sweat a bit in the process. My husband is not usually one to complete repairs himself as he a math whiz and not a car whiz. However, the Pep Boys Headlight Restoration Kit is perfect for the regular person because of its ease of use for headlight restoration.

But seriously, as Daylight Savings Time nears, and our children are out and about on the streets for trick-or-treating and just day to day activities, the importance of clear nighttime visibility increases at this time of year. Clear headlights will only aid in a safer drive during the school season and fast approaching holidays.

Fall is here! Be sure to get over to your nearest Pep Boys stores to buy the Headlight Restoration Kit so you can be safe for Fall and Winter too! Receive $5 Back by Mail on one of (4) 3M Headlight Restoration Kits Mail-in Rebate.