Redakai: X-Reader Starter Pack {Review}

My son is a HUGE REDAKAI fan, so I was very happy to receive a surprise package in the mail a couple of weeks ago with a Redakai: X-Reader Starter Pack inside. My son could barely contain his excitement and asked me for seven straight days, can I please open Redakai and play with it. I finally relented.


He LOVED getting the Redakai: X-Reader Starter Pack! The X-Reader Starter Pack comes with two packs of cards. The total number of cards included is 22 (a perfect number of cards to begin with) and they are these amazing Blast3D cards (they are really cool).  

The X-Reader is actually a portable battlefield, so it is not electronic and does not require batteries. But, it can hold a lot of cards (more than the 22 included). The X-Reader actually unfolds into the portable battlefield.


My son sat for about an hour reading all the instructions and basically devouring everything about Redakai so he and I could battle.  My son really studied the cards intently in order to figure out what to use and how to play Redakai (and to tell me how to play -- or basically how to lose). We simply played on a basic level at home, but I can see Redakai becoming a huge tournament. Redakai is the dynamic game of Kairu battle. We started with a favorite Kairu warrior, stacked Attacks on each other as opponents, and transformed into powerful Monsters. The game moves along quite quickly and was easy to pick up.

Redakai is a ground breaking innovation in gaming, taking trading cards to the next level with amazing Blast3D technology. Never before have trading cards contained 3D and animation effects like Redakai. A new "stack to battle" gaming advancement automatically tracks your progress and allows you to see the damaging effects of your attacks. Redakai is the follow up to Spin Master's hit entertainment property and cultural phenomenon Bakugan.

Co produced by Spin Master and Marathon Media/Zodial Kids, Redakai: Conquer the Kairu is an animated kids adventure series on Cartoon Network starring Ky, a 15 year old student of ancient martial arts who embarks on an incredible quest to find the Kairu, a primordial alien energy force. Helped by his friends Maya and Boomer, Ky travels the globe looking for the Kairu to protect it from his extraterrestrial teenage opponents, with the hope that one day he will become the greatest kairu warrior of them all - a Redakai.

Be sure to check out more great videos from the makers of Redakai at Time To Play TV (these gentlemen are hilarious - I wish I worked there!!)

Redakai is available in different sets:  Redakai XReader Starter Pack, Redakai Power Pack,Redakai Structure Deck, Redakai Championship Tin with Cards and many other. The Redakai products start at $5.99 and can be purchased at many of your favorite retailers nationwide.

Disclosure: Thanks to Spin Master for the opportunity to review this product. I have not received any compensation. My opinions are my own.