Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas DVD {Giveaway}

In ICE AGE: A MAMMOTH CHRISTMAS, America’s favorite arctic herd is busy decorating for the holiday season.  In his rush to help, Sid (John Leguizamo) destroys Manny’s (Ray Romano) favorite decorations.  Manny is so upset he convinces Sid he is now on Santa’s naughty list.  Sid, Crash (Seann William Scott), Eddie (Josh Peck) and Peaches (Ciara Bravo) take off for the North Pole to plead their case to Santa (Billy Gardell).  Meanwhile, Manny, Ellie (Queen Latifah) and Diego (Denis Leary), worry over Peaches’ safety and race to find her.  Back at the North Pole, Sid and his crew accidentally destroy Santa’s Workshop on Christmas Eve, and it’s up to these newfound friends to orchestrate a Christmas miracle.  The instant holiday classic, directed by Karen Disher, also features the voice talent of Chris Wedge, T.J. Miller and Judah Friedlander.

Stay Safe with Scrat’s Snow Safety Tips!


And Check Out Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Arriving on Blu-ray and DVD November 26

There’s less Sun these days but it doesn’t mean you have to have any less fun! Icy temperatures often turn a normal backyard into a Winter Wonderland. From ice fortresses (or palaces) to snow angels – there’s no limit to your fun, outdoor activities this winter! Here, you will find some quick tips from Scrat to help you stay warm and safe this holiday season.

A perfect family gift for the holidays, ICE AGE: A MAMMOTH CHRISTMAS landed on Blu-ray and DVD November 26 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and features the original voice talents of Ray Romano, Queen Latifah, John Leguizamo, Denis Leary and Sean William Scott. Available for a low price ICE AGE: A MAMMOTH CHRISTMAS arrives on single disc DVD and a Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy combo pack with extra features, making it a great holiday stocking stuffer for the whole family to enjoy.

Use Soft, Fresh Snow in Your Snowball Fights

It’s all fun and games until somebody starts crying. Be sure to avoid ice and rocks when you end up in a chilly winter battle! Your friends will thank you for it afterwards.

Don The Right Gear

Okay okay, maybe you don’t need snow shoes, but it’s still important to stay warm. Keep your hands, and head covered to avoid frostbite and that way you can enjoy that cup of hot cocoa instead of using it as a hand warmer.


Have Fun In Groups

It’s a great time to hang out with your buddies! There’s safety in numbers especially since it gets dark sooner in the day, and snow swells can come and go and no one wants to get lost in a storm.

Wear Sunscreen

You may think sunscreen is only for the beach, but really it’s important to protect yourself from those harmful UV rays bouncing off the snow banks. Plus you’ll look like you know what’s up in a pair of cool shades.

Stay Hydrated and Carry Snacks

There’s frozen water all around you but it’s easy to forget to drink it when you’re having so much fun. Keep your energy levels up with veggies, crackers and a bottle of water and you will be able to enjoy your Winter Wonderland for much much longer!

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