K'NEX K'NEXosaurus Rex {Review}

Build your own K'NEXosaurus Rex with classic K'NEX pieces! Includes 200+ pieces and a battery powered motor! Build the model, switch it on and watch it stomp to life!


Once again, K'NEX hits it out of the park for  my children. We are a K'NEX family, there is no doubting this fact. We have bins and tubs and boxes of K'NEX all over our house for different ranges of play and age.

The fact that this particular box created a dinosaur (another love in this house) and a motor (for the science loving boy in our house) made the K'NEX K'NEXosaurus Classic Rex even more appealing. My son was all about building the Rex without any assistance. Aside from a few snaps that I had to complete, he was able to create the K'NEXosaurus Rex himself. The motor itself is quite sturdy. I have three children who tend to get into disagreements on whose turn it is on specific toys and how long the turn takes. This little motor didn't even flinch.

My daughter is nuts over dinosaurs and the K'NEX Rex is perfect for her to play with and walk with and talk to. She has been having a great time walking the little K'NEX Rex ever so slowly. She can't wait to get the K'NEX Megasaurus and has added this to her holiday list already.


If you are looking for another great addition to your K'NEX collection the K'NEX 900 Extreme Value Tub offers 900 pieces for endless building fun! Includes instructions/ideas for 50 different models, from a plane to a helicopter, or even an Indy car. And everything stores easily in the tub for easy clean up.

Pharaohs Fury was the best to create with this set!


Watch for more K'NEX Classics items in 2012 as they celebrate their 20th anniversary!

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