Movie Night and Family Fun with International Films

guest post by Kidflix Global

Any night is a great night for a movie night. But especially now, when the weather is cold and nighttime comes earlier. Nothing is better than a cozy night at home watching a great film. 

Kidflix Global a site where you can rent, buy or stream award-winning international films for kids and families. These international movies are brought to your home!

Movie Night and Family Fun with International Films
The Kidflix Global DVDS are timeless and tied to specific learning situations. Even through the DVDs are in German, they are not bound to one particular culture and are completely relate-able to any American child. The DVDs are relevant to both an adult and a child audience.

Family Movie Night Ideas

Here are some great ideas to bring foreign movies into your family movie night. Kidflix Global also has some wonderful recipes on their site.

·         Re-invent family fun — enjoy a new culture, a new language, a new adventure!

·         Brush up on your favorite language and be entertained at the same time!

·         Share them with your friends and family — they make fun, educational, truly unique gifts and great stocking stuffers!

·         Take them with you — on your vacation or to Grandmother’s house — they are portable!

·           Add our classic, award-winning films to your library because your family will want to play them over and over.

Family Friendly German DVDs to Add to Your Homeschool Curriculum

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Disclosure:  As always, the opinions expressed are mine. I was not compensated for this post, nor did I receive any free products.  All images courtesy of Kidflix Global and used with permission.