Celebrate National Library Week at your Local Library

As a homeschooling mom of three, I am always looking for creative ways to keep my children engaged and motivated 'at school'. Since school is literally 10 steps from our kitchen table, it is not always easy to transition from breakfast to school in our home. I was fortunate to come across an amazing website that aides me in my quest to be the best teacher. My local library is full of the latest resources available to improve my children's education.

Since I am surrounded by other homeschooling moms I want to share my knowledge and discoveries. I was more than happy to pass along that most local libraries provides the latest in education technology, news and tools. It's a great free resource for all K-12 teachers, including homeschoolers.

Celebrate National Library Week at your Local Library


As a homeschooling mom, I really depend on my local library for my resources. I can not simply just order what I want from a book store and place it on a school account or walk down the hall and borrow any related materials I may need from another teacher. I need my local library and I am there every single week or two gathering up the needed resources and books for our scheduled week.

Since I utilize my local library so much and I know my fellow homeschooling moms do as well, I wanted to include some of my fellow homeschool moms in gathering some information from our children who attend our homeschool co-op. 

I have to say that students in the today have a much easier go at locating books and resources at the library than I did growing up. I was explaining to my class (and my own children) the steps I would need to follow in order to gather information from a library when I was a child. There was a lot of confusion.

Little did I know that my students (my children included) did not even know what a card catalog was! Most children were able to distinguish what an image of 'save file' was, but they were unable to articulate what it actually was, unless it was my older students who write more papers on laptops and computers. Happily, all the children could easily tell me their favorite books, authors and what they wanted to be when they grew up!

I was happy to hear that most of the enrichment classes that we cover in co-op are all the classes that students want more of. I think we are doing something right at co-op as well as at home, giving our homeschooled children a well rounded curriculum. I think most of the children agreed that Math was the least favorite subject. Why is that? I loved Math growing up! We need to figure out a way to teach Math to our children that makes them love numbers.

I'm not sure the younger children are even aware that when you visit your local library, there are major sections. I decided after I conducted the survey I was going to complete a unit study on Introducing Main Parts of the Library. I made cards out of construction paper, labeling the different sections of the library. Under each section, we discussed what could be found there and how the information would be arranged in the sections.

I even created a small card catalog out of an old shoe box with index card as the author, title and subject cards. This created a great visual for the children. I explained how the cards used to be arranged and indexed at a library. We learned what the Dewey Decimal System is and how a call number is part of this system. All the children were able to take turns looking up a book in the card catalog and searching for it in a section I had created. Since all the libraries in my local area only utilize a computerized card catalog, this was a great unit study and the children had so much fun discovering new ways {well, really old school was} of locating books in libraries.

As a teacher I happen to think success in education starts with curiosity, and curiosity starts at home. For National Library Week, encourage your kids to explore a topic they're interested in learning more about. Sit down at a library and read together – and ask them what they learned! I think you will be surprised that you will be learning right along with your children.