Battle at Bunker Hill {Omnibus}


The Battle of Bunker Hill took place on June 17, 1775, just a few months after the start of the American Revolutionary War.

The city of Boston was being besieged by thousands of American colonists. The British were trying to keep control of the city and control its valuable sea ports. The British decided to take control of two hills, Bunker and Breeds, in order to gain a tactical advantage. The American colonists heard about it and went to defend the hills.

A  two day battle between the British forces under the command of General William Howe and the American colonial forces under Colonel William Prescott. The American colonies had occupied Breed's Hill in Charlestown on June 16, 1775, in order to protect the shipyard of nearby Boston. The next day, the British attacked.

Their commander William Howe led three charges up Breeds Hill. The American colonists fought back the first two charges, but started to run out of ammunition and had to retreat at the third charge. They took the hill but suffered heavy losses. The American colonists fired until they were out of ammunition, then quickly retreated. To conserve ammunition, Prescott told his men, "Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes." Many more colonists joined the army after this battle and the revolution continued to grow in strength.

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Even though the battle was fought on Breed's Hill, it has been remembered as the Battle of Bunker Hill.


Why would both the British and the colonists have wanted to control the Charlestown Peninsula?

Which army shows more determination to win the war?

Why did the colonists hold their fire until the British were almost upon the redoubt?

What was the final outcome of the Battle of Bunker Hill?

Lyrical Legacy:  This song was composed by a British Officer the day after the Battle.


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