Missionary Map Project | Paul's First Missionary Journey | Week 1


Scripture Reference: Acts 13:4-14:28

Story Overview: Paul’s first missionary journey took him from Cyprus into the heart of Attalia. Saul and Joseph (called Barnabas) accompanied by Barnabas' cousin John Mark, set out from Antioch for Cyprus, visiting Salamis and Paphos. They then crossed to the mainland (modern Turkey), landing at the Mediterranean port of Attalia. From there they proceeded inland to the cities along the military road in southern Asia Minor. At Perge, for unknown reasons, John Mark left them to return to Jerusalem. Saul and Barnabas then stopped at Pisidian Antioch, Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe, all in the Roman province of Galatia, before retracing their steps to revisit the congregations they had founded earlier. Then it was back to Perge, where this time they preached the gospel, and Attalia. But, instead of returning to Cyprus, they sailed directly back to Antioch, Syria where they began their odyssey. There, after covering some 1,400 miles, Paul and Barnabas stayed a long time.


  1. Read VPC 137 and answer the related questions on your class WS.
  2. Read Acts 13:4-13:13. 
  3. On your map, draw a line from Syrian Antioch west through Cyprus all the way to Paphos. Use the map, Paul’s First Missionary Journey, as a guide.
  4. Cut out the description boxes for Syrian Antioch and Paphos.  Use a crayon and color them red.  Don’t color too hard or you won’t be able to read the words!  Paste each box on your map near the written name of the corresponding city.  (As you paste the boxes on your map, you may need to erase and rewrite some of your city or region labels so that the box fits nicely.)


  1. Read Acts 13:14 - 14:8–19. 
  2. On your map, draw a line from Paphos north across the Mediterrean Sea to Perge. From Perge, draw a line northward to Antioch Pisidia and then across through to Lystra.  From Lystra, continue your line to Derbe.  Use the map, Paul’s First Missionary Journey, as a guide. 
  3. Cut out the description box for Perge, Antioch PisidiaandLystra.   Use a crayon and color it red.  Don’t color too hard or you won’t be able to read the words!  Paste the box on your map near the written name of the corresponding city.  Erase and rewrite any labels as needed.


  1. Read Acts 14:20 - 14:28 . 
  2. On your map, begin drawing Paul’s return trip line back to Lystra and Antioch Pisidia and Perge.  Continue the line from Perge into the Mediterranean Sea across the sea all the way to Syrian Antioch and then continue the line to Jerusalem. Use the map, Paul’s First Missionary Journey, as a guide.
  3. Erase and rewrite any labels as needed.
  4. If you haven’t done so already, trace over all labels with a black marker.


  1. Finish any incomplete map work.

Review Questions:

 How did the two preachers know where to travel next?

In the town there was a false prophet named?

  1. Who were the the Apostle Paul's missionary companions on his first missionary? Barbabas and John Mark
  2. Through what areas was the Apostle Paul's main route on his first missionary journey? Cyprus and Turkey
  3. In what city did the Apostle Paul start his first missionary journey? Antioch (in Syria). This was the city where the disciples were first called Christians and is different from the Antioch that is further west.
  4. What island did the Apostle Paul travel to after he left Antioch? Cyprus
  5. What two cities on the island of Cyprus do we know that the Apostle Paul visited? Salamis and Paphos
  6. After leaving Paphos on Cyprus to what city did the Apostle Paul travel? Perga
  7. Through what body of water did the Apostle Paul haave to travel to get from the island of Cyprus to Perga? Mediterranean Sea
  8. After the Apostle Paul travelled from Cyprus to Perga, he travelled north and island to the city where he stayed the longest on this trip. What city is that? Antioch in Pisidia (Turkey today). This is NOT the Antioch where they began their journey.
  9. After a long stay in Antioch in Pisidia the Apostle Paul travelled next to what three cities? Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe
  10. After visiting Iconium, Lystra, and Derbe, the Apostle Paul retraced his steps back through Lystra, Iconium, Antioch, and Perga. He then sailed from what town? Atlantia
  11. After setting sail from Atlantia, the Apostle Paul travelled to what city? Antioch (in Syria)
  12. In what city did the Apostle Paul end his first missionary journey? Jerusalem


  • Trace a map on a large poster board
  • Trace Paul’s first missionary journey on the map.

Syrian Antioch The Holy Spirit sets aart paul and Barnabus for God's work.

Paphos Pauls blinds Elymas the sorcerer. The Roman proconsul Sergiu Paulus believes.

Perge John Mark leaves Paul and Barnabus.

Antioch Pisidia Paul preached and many Jews and Gentiles believe. Jealous Jews kick Pual and Barnabus out of the city.

Lystra Paul heals a crippled man and the Lystrans think Paul and Barnabus are Greek gods.

Return Trip Paul and Barnabus stop in the cities which they had been to appoint elders so that the new believers reamin true to the faith.