Superbook Summer

There is still time to tune in this month! This month, CBS will broadcast Superbook on its CBS-owned stations in major television markets across America.

For three consecutive Saturday evenings, beginning June 15th, Superbook will air on a national television network to an average audience of 1.8 million people for the three-week schedule.

Superbook has won the hearts of children around the world since 1981. And now, with its new award-winning animation series, you can travel back in time with Chris, Joy, and their robot Gizmo on exciting adventures from Creation through Revelation.

I grew up in a Christian home as did my husband and we sometimes take it for granted that not everyone is like us. Our children have had God in their lives since they were born and do not personally know any children who are not Christians. It is safe to say that we associate with Christians and all of our friends are Christians. As a Christian homeschooling mom, what would you expect from me, right?

Because of our family dynamics, we sometimes forget that some children have not had the opportunity to know about God. My children have started to become aware that some children they encounter at the park may not know about God. Sometimes my little one will come up to me and ask me if this child or that child would know about God. We live in a diverse neighborhood and not everyone is a Christian. I love that my children are happy to talk to other children at the park about God. My little will flat out ask another child if they pray to Jesus. This makes my heart happy for her. This makes my heart happy that she wants to spread the news about God and Christianity.

Another amazing manner in which children can be introduced to the Bible is through a wonderful series on television, Superbook. Superbook delivers exciting Bible stories using new media that the young generation expects, and enjoys watching again and again.

What is Superbook?

Superbook teaches children in every language and culture timeless moral truths and life lessons through the captivating, Bible-based adventures of two time-traveling children and their robot friend. The familiar and the futuristic interact with ancient people, places and events to create a sense of wonder, anticipation, empowerment, and personal breakthrough as the children witness God's interaction with man. Superbook is always an exciting journey, full of discovery - with a transformational outcome.

There is even an opportunity to receive the newest Superbook episodes as they are released! Simply join the Superbook DVD Club and you will automatically receive each episode of the series. In addition, you could receive two free copies of each new episode to share with your friends and loved ones.

To join, go to and click on "Get Superbook".

Saturday Evening on CBS

June 15th, 22nd and 29th

New York WCBS 2 7:00 pm
Los Angeles KCBS 2 6:30 pm
Chicago WBBM 2 6:00 pm
Philadelphia KYW 3 7:00 pm
Dallas KTVT 11 6:30 pm
Boston WBZ 7:00 pm
Detroit WWJ 62 7:00 pm
Miami WFOR 4 7:30 pm
Denver KCNC 4 6:00 pm
Sacramento KOVR 13 6:00 pm
Norfolk WTKR 3 7:00 pm
Pittsburgh KDKA 2 7:30 pm
Nashville WKRN 2

6:00 pm

June 22nd, 29th and July 6th

San Francisco  KPIX 7:00 pm
Baltimore WJZ varies
6/22 7:00 pm
6/29 7:30 pm
7/6 7:00 pm

9:30 am EST on ABC Family

Mon 07/01 In the Beginning: Adam and Eve
Tue 07/02 Let My People Go: Moses
Wed 07/03 The First Christmas
Thur 07/04 He is Risen!
Fri 07/05 Revelation

Disclosure: I received a set of DVDs in order to facilitate this review. However, my opinions are my own and I have not been compensated in any manner.