Valentine's Day Little Angels Viewing Party

A Fun New Educational Series Filled with BIG Adventure Arrived on DVD February 14

From executive producer Roma Downey comes a delightful, faith-based educational series that preschoolers and their parents will enjoy!

Little Angels: A-B-C's

Through moral lessons and the story of Joseph and the Coat of Many Colors, eight adorable angels teach young Alex and Zoe about sharing, faith, forgiveness and that God loves them! There are so many letters from A to Z!

Little Angels: 1-2-3's

This episode takes young viewers on an extraordinary journey into the Old & New Testament stories of David and Goliath, the battle of Jericho, Jesus and the ten Lepers, and Jesus feeding the 5,000. Along the way, children will learn to count from 1-12, learn a lesson about thankfulness and even participate in some basic music instruction!

Little Angels: Animals

In this charming story, Alex and Zoe learn that all creatures on Earth are gifts from God, and that we have plenty to learn from them.  Here, Alex and Zoe learn that all the creatures on Earth are gifts from God and that we have plenty to learn from them. Then, through the stories of Noah's Ark and Jonah and the Whale, the Little Angels teach the twins about courage, creativity, and responsibility. Throughout each DVD in the series, the twins are reminded of God's unending love.

My Thoughts:

  Learning is so much more fun when it is presented in a manner that a child doesn't think they are actually learning. These DVDs are that learning tool.  Little Angels DVD have wonderful qualities and they cover a lot of issues.  Little Angels are educational DVDs and truly focus on character building story lines AND use biblical topics and bible stories as the stories strengthen our children's beliefs in God. They are the ultimate Christian educational, character and bible story DVDs that keep children interested. These DVDs are not simply for preschool aged children either.

We had a Valentine's Viewing Party for the arrival of the Little Angels DVDs. I had a wide range of ages of children here and when I asked all the children to sit and watch. I had rapt attention from everyone. The messages are clear and delivered in a wonderful positive, Christian manner. We had a great time creating Valentine's cards and a craft project and choosing worksheets to complete that related to the Little Angels DVDs.

The messages delivered in thse DVDs are Christian based and while some families may not be Christian, that does not mean these DVDs will not work for your family. The issues that are children are presented with these days are the same, regardless of our religion. While everyone knows (if you read my blog) that we are a Christian homeschooling family and I did invite like minded family and children to my home for this viewing; I don't see any reason that parents of all religions shouldn't purchase these DVDs. Little Angels reinforce lessons on basic skills and and character qualities in our children.

We will be using these DVDs at our homeschool co-op and for further lessons at home while schooling.

Here are some photos from our lovely afternoon.

Here are some other activities we completed at our Little Angels Valentine's Party. Please feel free to click and download for your own personal use.

Featuring a great deal of interactive DVD extras including charming music videos and downloadable activity sheets, plus a downloadable bonus digital copy of each lesson that will allow for learning on the go, the LITTLE ANGELS ABC’s, LITTLE ANGELS ANIMALS, and LITTLE ANGELS 1, 2, 3’s DVDs are a great value moms can feel good about sharing with their little angels.  The DVD series is timed perfectly to be available just in time for Valentine’s Day.  
Here is some other information you may find useful.

Little Angels App
The Little Angels App is currently available on iTunes and features the Daily Prayer – read by Roma Downey with illustrations and interactive scenes from the Little Angels videos.  The App also includes games like Uri’s Painting Game where little ones can paint and color images from the Little Angels videos and The Matching Game which will challenge your kids’ memory as they search for the angels hiding behind the clouds.

Little Angels CDs

Inspired by the lessons found on each Little Angel DVD, these 15-song collections contain original songs written and produced by the best-selling team that made Worship Jamz, the #1 selling children’s music in America for three consecutive years. Kids will clap, jump, sing-a-long and smile, and its music that parents can enjoy and join the fun as their children learn valuable life and Biblical lessons.

Each enhanced CD includes four music videos, coloring pages and colorful lyric pages for every song.
Each CD collection also includes song-writing by Roma Downey with vocal and instrumental contributions from Roma's own children. Engaging, educational and faith-affirming, these CDs will be found in music players, cars and portable devices – wherever the children are listening! And many songs will be introduced by a Little Angel DVD audio segment to make the listening experience more fun and engaging.

Little Angels Books
Based on the characters in the Little Angels DVDs, the books feature bright and colorful artwork, entertaining stories, and meaningful lessons.  In ANGELS WATCHING OVER US, twins Alex and Zoe are squabbling over whether to swing or play ball. Soon the Angels appear to teach the children the concept of cooperation, and the twins learn that they can have more fun if they work and play together. In THANKFUL FOR GOD’S BLESSINGS, Alex is having a bad day! But when the Angels lead him in a gratitude game, Alex and Zoe learn that they have much to be thankful for and that all of their blessings come from God.

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