Who’s The Boss…Boss Clown that is??? For the first time in Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus history, that question will be answered by elementary students across the nation. In an effort to educate students on the electoral process and specifically presidential debates, Ringling Bros. is holding the largest Boss Clown election ever with debates at host elementary schools in Denver, Boston, Pittsburgh and Chicago.

Boss Clowns are lead clowns on The Greatest Show On Earth and the center of the circus! Each Boss Clown debate precedes or follows the actual presidential debates. While the debates focus solely on everything clown and circus, they are structured like an authentic presidential debate, providing our students a real debate experience with a comedic twist that only Ringling Bros. can provide!

Denver, Boston and Pittsburgh debates have already taken place and votes are being tallied from each city and around the country! The final debate and victory announcement for the Ringling Bros. 2012 National Boss Clown Election takes place on Wednesday, October 24th at 10:30 a.m. at Chicago’s Walt Disney Magnet School! Chicago students have the privilege of not only being the final voters but also of being the only students nationwide to vote electronically as well as at actual polling booths – providing them an authentic electoral experience!

All debates can be watched LIVE at www.ringlingbros.com/bossclown as well as any time after the debates!

The Ringling Bros. Voting-Matters Debates scheduled school:

Wednesday, October 24 at 10:30AM CST
Walt Disney Magnet School
Chicago, Illinois
Local Media Contact: Bonni Pear, Miller-Pear Public Relations, Inc.
(312) 674-4566 or BPear@MillerPear.com

Watch and be a part of The Greatest Show On Earth!

Elementary Students throughout the United States to Elect Boss Clown through the Ringling Bros.® Voting-Matters Debates hosted in Denver, Boston, Pittsburgh and Chicago!

The Role of a Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey® Boss Clown

A Boss Clown for Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey is the leader of the Ringling
Bros.® Clown Alley.
The Ringling Bros. Clown Alley is the name of the group of clowns, usually about
12 men and women, who entertain audiences at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey
Circus across the United States. It is a two-year position, and the job of the Ringling
Bros. Boss Clown is to make sure everything in Clown Alley runs smoothly.
The first responsibility of the Boss Clown is to look after all the clowns at The
Greatest Show On Earth®. He mentors new and returning clowns, and makes sure that
everyone stays fit, healthy and happy. If there are any disagreements, the Boss Clown
steps in and helps solve the problem.

The second responsibility of the Boss Clown is to be the connection between
circus management and Clown Alley. The Boss Clown considers the special
requests for clowns at events that will take place in each city. Special events
include hospital visits for children who are not able to attend a Ringling Bros.
Circus, CircusFit® and Science of the Circus assemblies in schools and YMCAs, TV
appearances and radio interviews. The Boss Clown knows each clown very well,
and he assigns projects based on the skills and abilities of that clown. Some clowns are
very acrobatic, so they might participate in a CircusFit event. Other clowns are good
speakers and love to talk, so they might go to the TV station to do an interview.
Finally, the Boss Clown supervises and assists in clown act development,
costumes and makeup. Each of the tickle-your-funny-bone jokes you see the clowns
perform during the show started out as an idea from one of the clowns. The Boss Clown
helps the clowns make the act better and maybe even a little bit funnier!
The job of the Boss Clown is an important one. He has to be a leader who helps all
of the other clowns in Clown Alley be great performers and makes sure that the clowns
at Ringling Bros. Circus are the best in the world!

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